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Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) To Maintain Electoral Calendar of Three Cycles

After years of delays, on March 12, 2015 (Thursday), Haiti's electoral council announced three dates for the Caribbean nation's long overdue legislative and municipal elections. The election of the two thirds of the Senate along with the entire lower chamber of deputies will be held on August 9, the presidential election will be held on Oct. 25 along with local and municipal elections and a final presidential run-off, if necessary, on December 27-- all in 2015. However, Thomas Adams, the Special Adviser to the US State Department for Haiti thinks a change in the electoral timetable by holding the election on two days instead of 'three' , the country could have saved around US$30 million, and moreover, it will give enough time to the Electoral Council to prepare properly for the forthcoming election.

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Economic Forum of the private sector wants Pierre-Louis Opont out of the CEP

It appears that not only some of the members of the CEP are on shaky ground but also its president as well. The Economic Forum of the private sector made it public that it wants to see Mr. Pierre Louis Opont out of the CEP. According to the coordinator of the Economic Forum, Gregory Brandt, the Forum took notes that the CEP was unable to accomplish its task which is to conduct the election process in order to have a new president in the country on February 7th, and requests that Mr. Pierre-Louis Opont be relieved of his duties to allow the country to find a solution to the current crisis

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US Government coming to term with Transitional Government in Haiti

It was quite a shift but finally the American Government has made a 90 degree turn to now support the creation of a Transitional Government. According to information obtained, the American Government is now leaning toward a transitional government that will replace the Martelly government on February 7. The United States' Haiti Special Coordinator Kenneth Merten is considering a new Provisional Government for a short period of time. Any decision at this time will have opposition. Some supporters of the Government wants him to stay in power until May 14 in order to supervise the election run-off; however, the core opposition group does no believe that the actual government has any credibility to hold election

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Yolette Mengual, self imposed work cessation at the CEP is over

Yolette Mengual is back to work at the Provisional Electoral Council(CEP). Reason: no one dear to bring corruption charges against me. She announced her decision on her Twitter page. According to Mengual, she wrote to the president of the CEP to inform him of her decision to return to work. " I want to inform you that I decide to return to work at the CEP. This decision was made due to the fact that no complaint was made against my person..........."

I have a few questions for Yolette Mengual:

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Guy Philippe threatened to remove Grand'Anse from Haiti

Guy Philippe is back. The former rebel army who contributed to the exile of former president Jean Bertrand Aristide is now making new threats. According to Guy Philippe, if a Transitional Government is put in place to replace following the departure of the Martelly government, he will remove Grand'Anse Department from the rest of the country. He criticized the CEP for the postponement of the January 24th election and concluded that the country can't function without a representative from his Department in the Senate. The only way he would allow a Provisional Government to take over is with proper representation from Grand'Anse.

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No Election on January 24, announced the CEP

The CEP just announced that the election originally scheduled for this Sunday, January 24, has been postponed. The announcement was made during a press conference this afternoon. The President of the CEP, Pierre Louis Opont declared that as a result of the ongoing violence by various groups, the holding to the election this Sunday becomes impossible.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

CEP anonse Pap gen Eleksyon 24 Janvye

CEP jis anonse ke eleksyon an ti te orijinalman pwograme pou Dimanch, 24 Janvye, ranvwaye. Anons sa a te fèt pandan yon konferans pou laprès apremidi a. Pwezidan KEP an, Pierre Louis Opont, te deklare paske anpil vyolans kontinyèl ape fet, kenbe eleksyon an jou Dimanch sa a vin enposib.

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Haiti Senate voted resolution to stop election process

The Haitian Senate joined its force to the increasing number of people in the population trying to stop the election scheduled for January 24. The Senate voted a resolution last night demanding that the CEP stop the election process. 15 Senators voted in favor of the resolution, 5 voted against and no abstention for the resolution which will be handed to President Michel Martelly by January 21 to be published in the newspaper "Le Moniteur".

Haitian Kreyol:

Ayiti Sena te vote yon rezolisyon pou sispann pwosesis eleksyon an

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Jude Celestin out of election, leaving Jovenel Moise to run against himself

There is something that people in Haiti often say: "Pwoblem Pap Fini nan peyi sa". It translates as "Problem will never end in this country". That could't be more true than now with what is going on with the presidential election. To demonstrate how we (Haitians) have the capacity to create KO, just 10 days before a scheduled presidential election, one candidate has decided to make it official that he will not be participating. In an interview at radio Kiskeya on January 14, Jude Celestin made it clear that he will not be one of the presidential candidates for the January 24 elections.

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Will there be a Presidential Election in Haiti on January 24, 2016

From what i have observed lately, it seems that the Executive government and the CEP are living in one planet while the opposition is in another one. While major preparations are underway by the Haitian President as well as the President of the CEP for a final confrontation between candidate Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin, the opposition can see clearly the arrival of a transitional government in Haiti to clean up the mess left by both President Michel Martelly and the CEP who have been bug down with corruption, fraud and manipulation of the previous elections. According to the CEP, the campaign season has began, starting today, January 8 to January 22. in the meantime, LAPEH camp said that there can not be an election with only one candidate, in another way, Jude Celestin will not take part on this.

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Calendar for Elected parliamentary to pick-up certificate at the CEP

In preparation to the opening of the 50th legislative session scheduled for January 11, 2016, the elected Parliamentarians were invited to obtain their certificates which give them access to the Haitian parliament. Here is the time calendar as to when these elected officials can come to pick-up their Certificate.

All elected Senators can drop by between 8:30am and 3:30pm. For the elected Deputies, the schedule is as follows:
For Department: Ouest and Centre: 8:30am - 9:00am
For Sud-Est and Nippes: 9:15am - 10:am
For Nord and Nord-Est: 1:30pm - 2:30pm
Artibonite and Nord-Ouest: 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Kalandriye pou palmantè eli yo vini pran sètifika yo nan CEP

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