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Pierre Louis Opont, Gen yon Proveb ki di "Chen ki jape pa mode"

Pandan plizyè jou, Prezidan CEP an te di pap gen okenn komisyon ankèt, pandan ke li di tet dwat pou eleksyon pwograme pou 27 Desanm. Nan Lendi, Pierre Louis Opont yon fwa ankò, deklare ke pa gen kesyon Komisyon endepandan pou ankète eleksyon. Li di ke CEP an pa gen okenn dispozisyon legal Dekrè Elektoral an etabli pou sa. Dapre Opont ki te al lwen nan kritik l 'yo, klasifye manm nan G8 la tankou move pèdan. Pou manifestasyon ki nan lari san rete yo, li wè yo tankou taktik politik pou sèvi divès kalite enterè politik. Proveb la di: "Chen ki jape pa mode".

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New Government Commission to divert Election crisis

The executive government just put in place a brand new commission to facilitate the organozation of the run off election. This commission is headed by Prime Minister Evans Paul who already met with several sectors of the population, including the sector representing Human Right, some media assossiations and the private sector. Several ministers and government councils are included in the commission. The objective is to find solutions to the current electoral crisis and create an environment to facilitate the run off election. As a note, the establishment of an independent commission to review and clean the electoral process was one of the demands made by the opposition to the CEP.

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New G30 with Louko Desir, the candidate who came in last

The Citizen Observatory for the Institutionalization of the Democracy (OCID) is a consortium of the civil society, composed of the Civil Society Initiative (ISC), the Ecumenical Center for Human Rights (CEDH) and JURIMEDIA. The consortium is very worried and has undermined the credibility of the Haitian electoral apparatus to conduct a feasible second round of presidential elections on December 27th, 2015, and believes that the action of the CEP is derogatory to the decision of National Electoral Complaints and Challenges Bureau (BCEN).

The publication of the final results of the presidential elections on 24 November was careless and hasty. The competent authority should conduct some serious investigation and consult stakeholders to find an accepted, agreed mechanism. The actors should and could have played a more responsible role. After G8, 30 losing presidential candidates have formed another group as 'G30'. The new group has announced that they would take a series of civic, media, political, diplomatic and legal offensives to ensure that the will of the Haitian people is truly translated in the election result. Among others, Luckner Desir is a part of the team.

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G8 wants Transitional government in Haiti by January

The group of eight candidates or the G8 is giving the entire process less than one month before calling for a transitional government to organize new general elections in Haiti within two years. Their demands: an independent recount of past election results, changes in Haiti's electoral council and national police department. In the meantime, the Group of Eight is calling for the protests to continue.

G8 vle gouvènman Tranzisyonèl an Ayiti an janvye

Gwoup 8 ap bay tout pwosesis la mwens pase yon mwa anvan rele pou yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou òganize nouvo eleksyon jeneral an Ayiti nan lespas de ane.

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Pierre Louis Opont and the CEP taking position

On Monday, November 30th, Pierre Louis Opont, the President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) during a press conference has discarded the demand of G8 members to form an independent inquiry commission to investigate the alleged frauds concerning the Minutes and the preliminary presidential election results.

As per his statement, the CEP is not empowered to form such a commission. Furthermore, election procedure has been completed after the verification and approval of the most competent authorities like Tabulation Center Votes (CTV) and the Office of the National Litigation (BCEN).

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Samuel Madistin di Yo achte konseye electoral yo pou yon Kaka Aran

Samuel Madistin, kandida pou prezidan MOPOD di tout konseye elektoral fin pouri. Yo pa ka reyalize eleksyon ki jis ak kredib. Li kontinye pou di ke sektè demokratik la te fè erè sou moun sa yo. Li diskite ke moun yo nan grangou, kèk nan yo se pwofesyonèl men ki fè fas a difikilte ekonomik. Yo sede dwadpasaj bay ofisyèl gouvènman pou yon ti Kaka Aran. Samyèl Madistin di ke Konseye elektoral yo kounye a se gro avoka pati PHTK.

Former candidate of MOPOD, Samuel Madistin, said the electoral advisers are corrupt, unable to conduct a fair and credible elections. He admitted that the democratic sector made a mistake for not realizing that these facing economic difficulties would fall for offers made by corrupted government officials.

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Sauveur P. Etienne di Kole ou pran, pa kole ou pran Ak Jovenel Moise

Ansyen Kandida Sauveur Pierre Etienne panse li initil pou Jude Celestin ale nan yon eleksyon ak kandida Jovenel Moise. pwochen Prezidan Ayiti an te deja chwazi. Se kandida PHTK, Jovenel Moise. Dapre Mesye Pierre Etienne, diskisyon aktyèl la se pa sou prezidan an, men pito ki moun ki pral Premye Minis anba Jovenel Moise. Li di te gen yon batay ant Minis Touris Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir ak Minis Wilson Laleau kòm tou de nan yo enterese a pozisyon an

Former Presidential candidate Sauveur Pierre Étienne thinks it is useless for Jude Celestin to go to a rund off election with candidate Jovenel Moise. For him, wheter or not Jude participates in the run off, the next president of Haiti has already been selected and it is none other than the candidate of PHTK, Jovenel Moise. in addition, according to Mr. Pierre Etienne, the current discussion is not about the nest president but rather who will be the next Prime Minister under Jovenel Moise. He said there was a fight between Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin Balmir and Minister Wilson Laleau as both of them are interested

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Jude Celestin agrees with G8, will not go to election

The G8 has stated that a transparent, honest, fair and free election is not possible under the current condition. Jude Celestin of Lapeh agrees with the G8 and will make his decision known soon not to participate in the next election.

G8 Tells Martelly Make Changes or Forfeit 2015 Election. Presidential candidates are asking Martelly and PEC to investigate October 25th election results, biased towards Jovenel Moise. If Martelly and the PEC refuse, G8 will make stringent demands for reform.

G8 wants replacement of some CEP members; the appointment of a new chief of police; and an audit of the voting process.

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Jude Celestin di li pap batay ak Jovenel pou kont li

Woy!, Koòdonatè Jeneral nan Lapeh, Senatè Jean Hector Anacasicis, deklare ke Jude Celestin pa ka ale nan batay sa ak Jovenel Moise pou kont li. L'ap pran tan ki nesesè pou yo travay avèk gwoup G8 la pou yo vini avèk yon fwon ini. Tanpri, di Jude ke li gen yon tan trè limite pou renmèt lide li?

The General Coordinator of Lapeh, Senator Jean Hector Anacasicis, stated that Jude Celestin can't and won't go to this fight with Jovenel Moise by himself. He will take the time necessary to work with the G8 group to come with a united front. Can someone please tell Jude that he has a very limited time to make up his mind?

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No credible election possible under President Michel Martelly

As per the report submitted by two U.S. organizations of lawyers, the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), although the election of October 25, 2015, was less violent than the earlier election on August 9th, it suffered a number of serious problems like low turnout, casting of multiple fraudulent votes, there were many complaints involving fraud and lack of transparency in the vote tabulation process.

The representative observers from these two organizations spent two weeks in Haiti prior to the election day, to observe the process and have ultimately called for an independent investigation of the October 25, 2015 election. As per Mario Joseph, Managing Attorney at the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux, who is also a member of the IADL's governing Bureau, 90% of the Haitian voters are of opinion that the presidential election on October 25th had been tainted by fraud. Mr. Joseph believes that no credible election is possible under President Michel Martelly's government. "A transitional government is required to properly investigate the fraud allegations and to hold new and fair elections."

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