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Samuel Madistin to restore rule of law

When Popular Patriotic Movement Dessalinien (Mouvement Patriotique Populaire Dessalinien, MOPOD) party nominated Samuel Madistin as their presidential candidate under MOPOD banner following the withdrawal Mirlande Manigat and Jacques Edouard Alexis, Madistin had promised that if he wins the election, he would work to restore 'rule of law' in the country.

He would make Haiti a solid state and put it on a road to prosperity. There will be better management of State funds, an improved educational system and more domestic production of goods and service, more employment, better life and policing. However, as per published result of the October 25 election, he came in the 10th rank with only 13,640 (0.88%) votes. Now he is saying, he did not realize that the electoral advisers were so corrupt; they had no credibility to conduct a fair and credible election and the democratic parties made a big mistake because they never realized that beforehand.

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TV / Radio Give Too Much Time to Political Candidates

Public television and radio and Radio gave alarming percentage of airtime to the ruling party's candidate

Public and private on-air media outlets distributed inordinate air-time to some presidential candidates, skewing a process supposed to follow democratic principles.

RTNH gave PHTK candidate, Jovenel Moise, 56% air-time, and Radio-Tele Ginen 77%. Candidate Jude Celestin received 53% air-time on Radio Kiskeya.

The figures were offered in a report compiled by Election Observation Mission of the European Union.

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Is Jude Celestin playing the G8 members or will he go to Run-Off election?

Since the official announcement by the CEP that Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin are the two candidates qualified to run in the run-off election scheduled for December 27, lots of rumors have been circulating on whether or not Jude Celestin will eventually accept to face the candidate of the President. According to Former Senator Jean Hector Anacacis, Jude Celestin doesn't know yet whether or not he will go to the run-off election with Jovenel Moise. He stated that they are currently meeting with other members of the G8 to expand the candidates who have been protesting the election. The question remains: will he break with the opposition and go for it? Is he using the other G8 members, looking for support and later on drop them? When will he know exactly?

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BCEN issues his verdict making Maryse Narcisse not so happy

The BCEN has issued its verdict in favor of the allegation of Candidates Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau. Fifty(50) "Proce Verbal" randomly selected judged non conforming based on the irregularity observed by the BCEN. As a result the Tabulation center is ordered to conduct an new tabulation, taking into consideration these "Proce Verval". In regard to the demand of Maryse Narcisse for the exclusion of candidate Jovenel Moise and the elimination of the entire electoral process, they have been rejected by the BCEN. As you may remember, out of all those who denounced the election results of November 5, only Dr. Maryse Narcisse and Vilaire Cluny Duroseau filed claims to contest the results before the deadline.

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Simon Dieusel Desras Proposes Government of public salvation with G8

Former President of the Senate and presidential candidate Dieuseul Simon Desras believes he is the man of the time in Haitian politic. He offered the solution to get Haiti out of it current political impasse. Desras proposes the creation of a collegial government for the next 5 years which will be made of the G8 who opposes the current government with Jude Célestin as President, Moïse Jean Charles and Maryse Narcisse as G8 members, and other members from other opposition parties. The new government is to be called: Government of public salvation.

WATCH (M)VIDEO: Simon Dieuseul Desras wants Transitional Government

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Protest against PHTK Candidate Jovenel Moise in New York

Several dozens of Haitian were protesting on Saturday (November 21) outside of the Manor Palace in New York City as candidate Jovenel Moise was talking to a group of people inside. It was reported that protesters were present at every appearance of the PHTK candidate. It was remarked that the treatment received by Jovenel Moïse was that of a Haitian official and not of a candidate. He was welcomed at New York airport by a delegation from the Consul General of Haiti in New York driven in state cars. It is assumed that his expenses for the trips are being covered by the Haitian and U.S. government.

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Fednel Monchery said Jude Celestin became G8 hostage

As per Fednel Monchéry, the coordinator of the platform "Repon Peyizan", Jude Celestin is a victim of the latest election process. Sadly, he became a hostage after joining a bad company like the 'Group G8' because all other members of the group are losers except Jude and they are preventing him to participate in the final runoff.

Out of the total percentage of vote obtained (49.81%) by the G8 members, Celestine under LAPEH banner alone bagged 25.27% vote, while the remaining seven members were left with the total of 24.54%. Jovenel Moïse's success in the first round election, with 32.81% votes against 25.27% of Jude Célestin, was little unexpected because Celestine had a pre-election approval rating of 33.4% while Moise was much behind in the second place with 17.5% approval. Celestin should understand this.

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G8 looking for Transitional Government in Haiti

When eight losing presidential candidates (G8) including seven of ten vote getters, representing 49.81% of the vote, could not convince the CEP to form an independent commission of inquiry to inquire and assess the alleged frauds affecting the integrity of the October 25th election, they gave their ultimatum.

They (G 8) are of opinion that no honest, transparent and credible election is possible under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly in conjunction with the functioning CEP (Provisional Electoral Council) along with the support of present Police Nationale d'Haïti (PNH). These eight losing eight candidates (G8) have demanded a transitional government which would be empowered to adopt a new constitution with various reforms needed to organize a credible election within next two years. These eight candidates (G8) are: Jude Celestin, Jean Charles Moise, Samuel Madistin, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, Eric Jean Baptiste, Steven Benoit, Jean Henry Ceant and Mario Andresol.

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New Poll, Joven Moise should have been in Fourth position

The idea that the last election in Haiti was taken over by fraud is not only the perception of some of the candidates. The population is increasingly feeling the same way. According to poll conducted by a team of researchers with the Brazil-based Igarape Institute, public confidence in the Haitian society has plummeted from the time of the election to now. On November 25, 82 percent of the population considered the election was fair and that there was no fraud. However, few days ago, after the same question was asked, 90 percent of the population disagreed and believe that the election was rigged with massive fraud. Even more interesting, when the voters were asked who they voted for, only 6 percent said they voted for candidate Jovenel Moise, which would have placed him in fourth position.

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Moise Jean Charles wounded during protest

Senator Steven Benoit was not the only one who had a difficult day yesterday. Senator Moise Jean Charles was also wounded during their confrontation with the police as he was protesting the decision of the CEP not have an independent panel to investigate allegation of fraud during the past election. According to Moise this is a grave incident that took place yesterday. This was a quiet manifestation and the moment he was ready to speak to the crowd, Police opened fire. He also stated that the government is the one responsible for creating an atmosphere of panic in the country. They have a mission to fight. Stand up and fight

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