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Steven Benoit wants current Senators to elect Next President

With the anticipation that there will not be a Presidential election run-off in time to elect a president by the constitutional date of February 7, 2016, senator Steven Benoit said it will be the responsibility of the current 10 Senators in function to get together and elect a new President of Haiti. According to the Senator, this option is the closest he can find in relationship to the amended constitution of 1987.

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Steven Benoit di 10 Senatè yo ap eli pwochen Gouvènman pwovizwa an

Avèk antisipasyon ke pap gen eleksyon prezidansyèl nan tan pou eli yon prezidan anvan dat ki konstitisyonèl nan, 7 fevriye 2016, senatè Steven Benoit te di li pral responsablite aktyèl 10 Senatè yo ki an fonksyon pou yo reini ansanm e eli yon nouvo Prezidan an Ayiti. Dapre Senatè a, opsyon sa a se li ki pi pre avèk konstitisyon amande 1987.

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G8 rejects report from Commission, wants transitional government

In a note to the newsmedia, the G8 rejected the report issued by the Commission and demands the establishment of a government of transition to replace Martelly-Paul Government. According to the G8, the commission did not have the courage to make appropriate recommendations following observation of massive frauds because of their dependence on the executive government and the international community.


G8 rejte rapò ki soti nan Komisyon, vle gouvènman tranzisyon

Nan yon nòt yo bay Lapes, G8 la rejte rapò emèt pa Komisyon an. Yo mande etablisman yon gouvènman tranzisyon pou ranplase Gouvènman Martelly-Paul an. Dapre G8 la, komisyon an pa t 'gen kouraj pou fè rekòmandasyon ki apwopriye yo apre obsèvasyon frod masiv paske yo depandans de gouvènman egzekitif ak kominote entènasyonal la.

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Sauveur Pierre Etienne calls Martelly Incompetent and irresponsible

The coordinator of the political party OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, classified President Michel Martelly as irresponsible leader following the announcement on January 1st by the President to hold the second round of the presidential election on January 17.


Sauveur Pierre Etienne di Martelly enkonpetan e irèsponsab

Koòdonatè nan pati politik OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne, konsidere Prezidan Michel Martelly kòm lidè irèsponsab e enkonpetan pou anons 1ye janvye pa Prezidan an kote li te kenbe dezyem wonn eleksyon prezidansyèl pou u 17 janvye.

Ki sa ou panse?

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FLASH - Ricardo Augustin, kicked out of the CEP by the Catholic Church

We have learned that the Catholic Church has been the first institution to impose sanctions on the individual representing the Catholic Church at the CEP. Mr. Ricardo Augustin is the actual representative for the Episcopal Conference at the CEP and also actual treasurer. According to Radio Vision 2000, a source close to the church informed them that a decision has already been taken to kick him out of the CEP. Now it is just a matter of time before the information is made public.

What do you think?

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CEP requests Emergency Meeting as election for January 17 impossible

The CEP and the executive are both on reverse gears, as the run-off Presidential election in Haiti kept on postponing. The Executive and the CEP have scheduled an emergency meeting to discuss the new target date for the election set for January 17 which is less than two weeks away. The meeting is scheduled for today(January 5, 2015). In a letter from the President of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Pierre Louis Opont to President Michel martelly, he indicated that in a meeting with the other CEP members that took place on January 4th, they CEP members were in agreement that it would be very difficult, even impossible to hold the elections on January 17.

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Gedeon Jean, not signing recommendations, wants to have it both ways

To me this is another case of "Maronage" that we see often with Haitians. The representative of the Human Rights, Me Gedeon Jean, was the only member of the Presidential Election Evaluation who decided not to sign the recommendations. According to Jean, he found several cases of severe irregularities in some of the Procee Verbals (PV) and felt a complete vote recount should have been done by the Commission. Also, he was not in favor of a total annulment of the election either.

I thinks Me Gedeon Jean wants to have it both ways. If things turn out acceptable, he is there. If things turn out bad for the member of the Presidential Election Evaluation, in a sense, if they become discredited, he can find an escape route. It is just like a woman who is telling you that she is just a little bit pregnant. That can't happen; you can be either pregnant or not.

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Presidential commission, not addressing crisis, issued report

The presidential Commission probably wished that they had selected another group of Proces-Verbal (PV) on which to base their conclusion. From a sample of 1770 PV randomly selected from the election of October 25, the commission has found many cases of irregularities and fraud. More than 30 percent of the votes sampled by the commission could not be traced to an actual identification card. More than 43 percent of the Proces-Verbal (PV) were altered or modified. At least 39 percent of the people who had voted, based on the sample, were not included in the list. It is also important to report that Mandators are allowed to vote at the place they are and do not necessarily need to be included in any list.

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January 24, New Date for the Presidential & Legislative Run-Offs In Haiti

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has given a new election date for the presidential and legislative runoffs. It is scheduled to be held on January 24, 2016. Earlier on January 1, 2016, on the Haitian Independence Day, President Martelly had announced that as per CEP's information to him the election has been scheduled on January 17th, 2016 so that there would be ample time for the new President of the nation to swear in on February 7, 2016. However, after that the CEP has informed him that preparing for January 17 would be very difficult, if not impossible to them. On Wednesday, January 6th, President Martelly, while walking to his motorcade in the Petion-Ville suburb of Port-au-Prince, has informed that he has received a letter from the election authority confirming the new date on January 24, 2016.

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Michel Martelly set run-off election for January 17, 2016

How can that be possible? A president who has his own candidate in a race is the one running the show. President Michel Martelly has decided to create his own commission to look at alleged frauds for which his political party was accuse of. In addition, knowing already what the decision of his commission will be before they even had the chance to finish their work, President Michel Martelly has set a date for the run-off election which is January 17, 2016. In a speech on Haiti's independence day, he called on all Haitians to respect the rules of the game and to go to the polls on January 17.

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Elections of December 27th in Haiti Postponed

As per notice issued by the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), the day of second run off of the presidential election has been deferred from earlier December 27, 2015, instead, it has been rescheduled on January 17, 2016. The CEP has invited the cooperation of all actors to participate and complete the process successfully.

On January 1, 2016, on the day of Haitian independence, President Martelly has announced that the second round of presidential runoff will be held on January 17, 2016. He has called on civilians and actors to respect the rules of the game and go to the polls. As per news report dated, January 3, 2016, the Commission of Electoral Evaluation has submitted its report. As per its report, first-round vote was plagued by irregularities; however, a final run-off can take place as scheduled in two weeks. It has recommended legal actions against some poll workers and others. It has also mentioned that 'electoral institution no longer enjoys the credibility to hold a fair election, if it is permitted to continue, can put the country into some more serious trouble.

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