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Evans Paul recommends the creation of electoral commission

Prime Minister Evans Paul has officially aligned himself with the opposition that have been asking for the creation of an independent commission to investigate the election results. In a press release published on Twitter after midnight Thursday, the Prime Minister made the recommendation to President Michel Martelly for the formation of the commission that would have 72 hours to report back with recommendations to the government and the CEP. One very important question is: who should be part of this commission? this is an open question.

At this time, we don't know if a commission is possible, who are acceptable to be in it, whether or not Jude Celestin, the G8 will agree to it. In the meantime, election is scheduled for Dercember 27, 2015 or in less than two weeks from now. Also some members of the CEP members have threatened to resign in bloc if any commission is appointed.

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FLASH: Gerald Jean paid $15,000 to Yolette Mengual to be Deputy

The Candidate for Deputation, Mr. Gerald Jean, is not a happy customer and like many unhappy customer, he has decided to do something about it by puting everything out in the open.

According to the Candidate for Ferrier/Les Perches, Gerald Jean, he paid $15,000 US dollars in person to CEP member Yolette Mengual for a seat as Deputy. This accusation was revealed on "Vision 2000 a L'ecoute" show on Radio Vision 2000 with Valery Numa. Although this revelation can get him in a lot of trouble such as being involved in corruption by paying for an elected position; however, he feels that he must show to the public the CEP and the BCEN for what they really are, two institutions that are marred in corruption.

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Jude Celestin, No election without Independent commission Investigation

The candidate under the banner LAPEH, Jude Célestin, refuses to meet with the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

In a letter dated December 14, 2015, written in response to a request for a meeting with the CEP, Jude Celestin explained that any meeting would not be appropriate before the establishment of an Evaluation commissions in regard to the election results of October 25. He went further to say that a meeting at this time would even be superfluous without the establishment, without delay, of this Commission.

According to Jude Celestin, "We are now at a crossroads. As you, as an institution responsible for organizing credible elections, that I, presidential candidate, we have a duty to steer the country in the right direction, choose the right path by taking difficult and most courageous decisions."

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Gonzague Day di: Pa gen moun ki ap aksepte Jovenel Moise kom Prezidan

Louis Gonzague Edner Day, yon zanmi pwòch Prezidan Michel Martelly ak ansyen Deleguee depatmantal West te di ke pa gen yon sèl moun ki pral aksepte Jovenel Moise kòm pwochen Prezidan an Ayiti. Deklarasyon an te fè yè (12/115/15) nan radyo "Envite du jour" ak Valery Numa, Vision 2000. Day mete kandida PHTK a responsab pou kriz la, li di ke Jovenel Moise se kòz dirèk nan aktyèl kriz eleksyon an Ayiti. Li pa dakò wout Prezidan Michel Martelly ap eseye pran pou enpoze kandida PHTK sou peyi a.

Kisa ou panse?


No one will accept Jovenel Moise as President, said Gonzague Day

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New York Times di Eleksyon Ayiti an te yon echek Colosal

Nou tout konnen lè New York Times jounal di yon bagay, nou tout koute epi jounal la te di anpil sou sa nou panse ki gen pou an Ayiti nan semèn oswa mwa kap vini yo.

Jounal la pandan fen semèn nan te pale kont fwod masiv nan eleksyon ki sot pase a an Ayiti. New York Times di pou premye fwa depi eleksyon ki sot pase a, gen yon kriz elektoral an Ayiti e li ap mande pou eleksyon lejitim.

Dapre jounal la, eleksyon nan mwa Oktòb sa te sijè falsifikasyon bilten vòt, vòt ilegal ak lòt abi ke yo te lajman denonse kòm ilejitim. Koulye a, New York Times refere li a eleksyon an kòm "yon echèk Colosal."

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Jovenel Moise, mwen pa t resevwa okenn dikte nan men Kenneth Merten

Kandida Prezidansyèl pou pati PHTK a soti pou fè montre ke se li ki pwòp met tèt li epi li pa enfliyanse pa fòs etranje. Li konfime rankont li ak Koòdonatè Espesyal pou Ayiti nan Depatman Eta a, Kenneth Merten; sepandan li te di ke li pa t 'resevwa okenn dikte nan men l'. Li te tou deklare ke nan tan lontan, sa a te enpresyon l tou ke kominote entènasyonal la te toujou bay lòd, men jodi a li konnen pi byen.

Jovenel Moïse, I did not receive any diktat from Kenneth Merten

The Presidential candidate for the PHTK went out of his way to show that he is standing on his own and not influenced by the by outside force. He confirmed his meeting with the Special Coordinator for Haiti at the State Department, Kenneth Merten; however did not receive any diktat from him. He also stated that in the past, this was his impression that the international community was command but today he knows better.

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Yo tire Kandida Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand a mo nan Petion-Ville

Kandida a pou Depite nan Sainte-Suzanne ki nan Nord Est Depatman te mouri apre li te frape pa yon bal nan yon lokalite ki rele Well-Blam nan Petion-Ville jodi 7 desanm 2015. Li te gen 32 ane. Césaire Cheristin Ferdinand ki te yon Ansyen pèsonalite Radyo, yo te konnen li pi bye kòm Mass Design. Li te travay pou Planet Kreyol and Scoop FM. Li te ap kouri pou depite nan Sainte-Suzanne anba banyè OPL.


Candidate Cesaire Cheristin Ferdinand shot dead in Petion-Ville

The candidate for Deputy of Sainte-Suzanne in the Nord Est Department is dead after he was hit by a bullet in the locality of Well-Blam in Petion-Ville on December 7, 2015. The Former Radio personality who is better known as Mass Design was 32 years old.

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Pa pral genyen okenn eleksyon 27 Desanm, Moise Jean Charles

Dapre Moise Jean Charles ki yon Kandida pou prezidan ak manm nan G8 la, Osi lontan ke Jovenel Moïse rete nan ras la ou ka bliye zafè eleksyon ane sa a. Pou eleksyon posib 27 Desanm , pa sèlman Jovenel Moise dwe soti nan konpetisyon an, men tou plizyè konseye elektoral ak chanjman nan gouvènman an. Kandida anba banyè "pitit Dessalin" lan di sèlman apre yo fin fè chanjman sa yo ke nou ca kòmanse pale osijè eleksyon.


There will be no elections on December 27, Moise Jean Charles

Jean-Charles Moïse (48) is a presidential candidate from his own Platfom Pitit Desalin. In the last October 25, 2015 election, he came third with 14.27% (229,109) votes, after Jovenel Moïse (PHTK) and Jude Celestin (LAPEH). This former Senator from the North and three times Mayor of Milot with a swell of public support is facing an uphill climb against the machinery of Martelly administration and electoral apparatus funded by the international community. During his election campaign, he has promised if he wins the election, he will work on food self-sufficiency and make significant changes in the health sector. PetroCaribe fund will be used, giving priority to road infrastructure, schools and universities and professional centers. Adequate public housing programs will be made for teachers and police officers.

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After the group of G8, now come G30 headed by Louko Desir

Who said that Haitians could not put their head together to accomplish something? The proof can be seen just after the election. After a group of candidate got behind Jude Celestin as G8, now is the turn of an ever bigger group called G30, to get in and demostrate that in fact they can sing the song "Lunion fait la Force" or "Unity is strength". Louko Desir who you may well know as being the Presidential candidate who came last in the last election is one of the initiators of this project. According to Louko, G30 is political group 30 candidates who participated in the last presidential election. They have decided to put ideas from various political parties and have them to become one single project. Louko Desir went on to say that the group G30 has met in several occasions in the past and will soon issue a note to let the public know about their position.

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Fednel Monchery di gwoup G8 kimbe Jude Celestin tankou yon otaj

Koòdonatè nan platfòm "Repon Peyizan", Fednel Monchéry pa gen okenn dout ke kandida LAPEH la, Jude Celestin, se yon viktim. Li di ke gwoup G8 kimbe Jude kòm yon otaj e ke se rezon pou kisa li pa kapab patisipe nan eleksyon an ak Jovenel Moise. Fednel Monchéry deklare ke group G8 la konpoze de perdants eksepte pou Jude Celestin epi li mande yo lage Jude Celestin se konsa ke li ka pran chans li nan eleksyon an.

Fednel Monchéry said Jude Célestin an hostage of group G8

The Coordinator of the platform "Repon peyizan", Fednel Monchéry doesn't have any doubt that candidate of the LAPEH, Jude Celestin, is a victim. He said that Jude has been held as an hostage by the group G8 and that is the reason why he is unable to participate in the run off election with Jovenel Moise. Fednel Monchéry stated that the G8 is comprised of losers except for Jude Celestin and is asking them to release Jude Celestin so that he can take his chances in the run-off election.

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