Electricity of Haiti (ED'H), a Middleman for three private providers

The Electricity of Haiti (ED'H) is bothered by its expensive purchase of electricity from three private providers. According to reports, the public electric company has spent $440 million over the last five years in buying electricity from E-Power, Haytrac and Sogener. Up to $12 million is being shelled out each month to pay for 88 megawatts of electricity from the private providers. ED'H Director General Apollo Andress said it has been heavy to the company's pockets as it only receives around $5 million in monthly gross revenues. These high expenses forced the company to cut down on improving its infrastructure in order to meet its payment obligations, as well as led to a tax burden.


ED'H is planning to review its contracts with the three providers and discuss a plan to lower the price of electricity. According to Haitian official, the public institution could not continue with the current contracts because the expenses are just too much. It would be better for the public if the state can buy electricity for a lower price.

The private providers, meanwhile, said they are willing to review the contracts but refused to promise anything. Sogener said it is open to dialogue while emphasizing that the cost of its services is reasonable, given the current price of fuel. The private company said one way to lower the cost of electricity is to bring down the price of fuel, which is getting a big chunk out of its income.

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Subject: Electricity of Haiti (ED'H), a Middleman for three private providers edit

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