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Canada's Embassy, a Criminal Organization operating in Haiti officially

It's like Haitians did not have enough problem dealing with corruption from their own government. Systematic fabrication of documents, fraudulent currencies, forged signatures, misdirected checks, undeclared commissions, use of Canada's diplomatic license plates for personal use. These are some of the issues a recent investigation conducted by Canada has revealed at Canada's Embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Thirteen Haitian nationals hired in Haiti were involved in the scheme. One Canadian employee was fired. They were implicated in obtaining money or property from the population by fraud or deceit. These people used numerous schemes and frauds to steal over $1.7 million.

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Haitian Embassy Evicted in Pretoria for Unpaid Rent

According to IOL News (Independent Online, South Africa), on Friday, July 18th, Judge Janse van Nieuwenhuizen of the Pretoria High Court has ruled an order to attach all the moveable properties of the Haitian embassy in Waterkloof for non-payment of rent for 10 months amounting to R550,500 (South African Rand, about US$44,265). The embassy had failed to pay the home rent of about R50,000 per month to its landlords Nosisi Thomaza Sotuku and Ann Hacquebord. One of the landlords has said, she did not notice that the rent was not being paid regularly because she was mourning the death of her husband. The court order was issued under the principle of "tacit hypothec", which gives right to attach tenant's property under such similar circumstances. In his interim order, the judge has said that the Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff may enter the embassy premises and can remove to attach all moveable property belonging to the embassy.

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Haitian Embassy evicted in South Africa, possessions confiscated

Breaking News - The latest embarrassment for the Haitian government. According to website in Pretoria in South Africa, ( a judge in Pretoria ordered all furniture at the Haitian Embassy be kept in a storage until the embassy is able to settle its debt. The embassy has not paid it rent obligation for over 10 months for a total of R550 500.

Personnel at the Haitian embassy did not let their possessions confiscated without a fight. The website reported that upon the arrival of the truck to evacuate the property, personnel at the embassy called police to report robbery. The Police was met by the sheriff as they were ordered to take possession.

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British Embassy Now Open for Business in Haiti

Britain has not been a diplomatic presence in Haiti since 1966. That year the British shuttered their embassy due to intensified conflicts with Dictator François Duvalier. Over four decades later, Britain has resumed a diplomatic relationship with the government of Haiti, under President Michel Martelly.

The British Embassy, now open for business, is seeking to expand its business and diplomatic interests in the South Region. Brit Steven Fisher will work at the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince. Ambassador Fisher already resides in the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo as the British Envoy.

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Services provided by Embassy - List of Haitian Embassies

Embassies are representatives of a country within another. They are often treated as places of refuge for those stranded, hunted or lost in a foreign country, but are mostly used to host dignitaries, are homes to ambassadors, and deal with issues of international politics as well as business.

It's important to know:
• They differ from consulates that only operate to assist travelers or those living and working abroad.
• They are always located in the capital city of the country.

Run to your embassy for:
• Visas.
• Lost passports.
• Casting absentee ballots during elections.
• Filing taxes.
• Birth certificates (to children of two naturalized citizens).
• Notices of death.
• Emergency fund transfers and loans.
• Advice on opening businesses in foreign country, immigration laws (specifically for those intending to marry foreign nationals) and how to navigate the legal system of the country you're visiting (they also contact your relatives at home if you're in trouble).
• They also file complaints on your behalf if you are mistreated while incarcerated.
• They help to locate missing people through their extensive web of contacts, unless a person has asked not to be located.

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Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, President of Haiti

Vilbrun Guillaume Sam was born on 4th March 1859. He was a cousin of Tiresias Simon Sam. Being the commander of Haiti's North Division gave him a lot of power that he led a rebellion against Francois C. Antoine Simon and Cincinnatus Leconte took over the presidency. He also headed the rebellion that overthrew Oreste Zamor. Sam became the president after president Joseph Davilmar Theodore resigned in February 1915.

Since Haiti had been faced with five unruly years, Sam was forced by Dr Rosalvo Bobo to campaign with rebels against his own government. Dr Rosalvo Bobo was against the financial assistance from U.S government.
Sam refused to act upon the command and instead treated his political opponent badly. He even ordered that 167 political prisoners be killed including the former president Zamor. This annoyed Haitians forcing them to rebel against him. When Sam realized the reactions of Haitians, he decided to hide from them.

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