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What should the Caribbean nations expect from BREXIT?

The recent decision for the United kingdom to remove itself from the European Union (EU) will likely have far reaching effect than predicted. The Caribbean nations are not immune from this new period of uncertainty, thanks to the BREXIT people who felt their country is being invaded by foreign workers and they must get out of the EU in order to protect themselves.

The long term effect in the Caribbean as a result of the British withdrawal from the European Union include:
1) A possible negative impact on Caribbean immigration into Europe, trade, UK's overseas territories,
2) A long period of uncertainty as Britain is Figuring out its foreign trade and development policy,
3) Implication for CARICOM going forward.

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British Embassy Now Open for Business in Haiti

Britain has not been a diplomatic presence in Haiti since 1966. That year the British shuttered their embassy due to intensified conflicts with Dictator François Duvalier. Over four decades later, Britain has resumed a diplomatic relationship with the government of Haiti, under President Michel Martelly.

The British Embassy, now open for business, is seeking to expand its business and diplomatic interests in the South Region. Brit Steven Fisher will work at the Canadian Embassy in Port-au-Prince. Ambassador Fisher already resides in the Dominican Republic in Santo Domingo as the British Envoy.

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Prince Charles and Haiti PM Laurent Lamothe Meet to Discuss Recovery

Laurent Lamothe, Prime Minister of Haiti, flew to London, England recently to sit down with the Royal Family's Prince Charles to talk about the reforestation and construction projects, part of the Government of Haiti's plans to restore and improve the country's natural and historical resources.

Prince Charles, an avid gardener, has created a stunning and unconventional garden at his country estate, Highgrove, an example of state-of-the-art organic gardening. He has taken an active interest in the reforestation effort going on right now in Haiti. His foundation has donated two million organic seedlings to be planted throughout the country by September 2012.

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Marlena Wesh represents Haiti at Olympic games in London - 2012

Haiti struggles on many fronts to raise its profile on the world stage. Progress is happening, but one area that needs funding to achieve recognition is the development of native-born Haitian athletes. At this year's 2012 Olympic London games, four Haitian-Americans are competing for gold. The fifth Olympian, Haiti's only native-born competitor, is 21 year-old Linouse Desravine, competing in the Judoka Event.

One of the barriers to developing Olympic-level athletes from Haiti, is the 2010 earthquake. Thousands of earthquake refugees found shelter at three of Haiti's running tracks. Another problem is the budget. The U.S. Olympic Committee budget is a whopping $170 million, 300% more than Haiti's, a mere $400,000.

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Lamothe Visits Prince Charles for Talks on Developing Haiti

The Haitian Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe paid an official visit to the United Kingdom on Thursday, July 26, 2012. He had gone to meet with the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles in order to discuss matters of Haitian interest. The prime minister had gone to seek commitment of the United Kingdom in Haiti. This is a historic visit expected to bring dramatic changes in Haiti.

The two, Prince Charles and Prime Minister Lamothe talked on matters involving the reconstruction of a historic centre which was devastated by the 2010 earthquake. The quake which struck Port-au-Prince and the neighboring cities is said to have a magnitude of 7.0. It left the historic center into ruins and since then, it needs more funding in order to help in its reconstruction.

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