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Breaking news - Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, soti nan prison Jodia

Breaking news, Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, soti nan prison Jodia

Zin, nou a pen pran nouvel ke ke Les Freres Florestal, Enol et Joshua Florestal, a pen jwin liberte yo.

Mwin pa konnin si nou sonje, de mesye sa yo te retrouve yo nan prison paske yo te di ke Madam Presidan-an, sophia martelly, ak pitit li, Olivier Martelly, te foure min yo nan kess letat-a fon.

Bon, comman sa prale fini, jodia ke mesye yo deyor et ke anpil moun oue ke gouvenman-an ape pedi plim

Comman ou oue koze sa?

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Joshua Florestal, and Enol Florestal, Are they Political prisoners?

Haitian brothers, Joshua and Enol Florestal, are incarcerated in a Port-au-Prince prison, because of serious accusations they have made against the Martelly family. First Lady Sophia and son Oliver are accused of spending treasury funds and corruption.

Ombudsman Office of the New England Human Rights Organization (NEHRO), headquartered in Boston, wrote letters to Democratic Congress members, Senator John Conyers, Senator Vincent Fort, and House of Representatives member, Maxine Waters, to make them aware of the false arrests of the Florestal brothers. NEHRO wants the Congress members to take immediate action to secure the brothers' release.

The controversy began when the brothers consented to a complaint, submitted by attorneys Newton Juste and Andre Michel. Following the filing of a brief, the attorneys were arrested, but later released without being charged. The arrests are looked upon as politically motivated, because the Florestal brothers have committed the breach of implicating the First Family in a corruption scandal.

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