De facto Prime Minister Evans Paul must resign with elected parliament in function

Senator Francisco Delacruz has decided to add insult to injury with the current electoral crisis in Haiti. The Senator of Plateau Central has declared that the newly elected parliament scheduled to enter in function on January 11 can not co-exist with the actual prime minister and that the later must resign immediately following their investiture. As you may remember, Prime Minister Evans Paul did not occupy this function according to the Haitian constitution but rather as a result of a negotiation. As a De facto Prime minister, he was not ratified by the legislative branch and consequently can not be sanctioned by them either.


Haitian Kreyol:

Defakto Premye Minis Evans Paul dwe bay demisyon ak palman ki eli nan fonksyon

Senatè Francisco Delacruz te deside kreye kreye plis pwoblèm toujou ak kriz elektoral la ki pa kapab fini. Kounye a Senatè an deklare ke nouvo palman ki gin pou antre nan fonksyon 11 janvye pa kapab ko-egziste ak aktyèl pwemye minis la paske se yon pwemye minis Defakto. Senatè Delacruz ajoute ke pwemye minis Evans Paul ta dwe bay demisyon imedyatman apre envèstitur yo.

Kòm ou ka sonje, Premye Minis Evans Paul pa't rantre nan fonksyon li jan konstitisyon ayisyen an te mande, men pito apre yon negosyasyon. Kòm yon Defakto Premye minis, li pa t 'ratifye pa branch lejislatif la epi kidonk yo pa kapab sanksyone li non plis.

Pwoplem pap fini nan peyi sa!

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Subject: De facto Prime Minister Evans Paul must resign with elected parliament in function edit

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