Moise Jean-Charles accused Evans Paul in gas stations arson

Moise Jean-Charles holds former Prime Minister Evans Paul responsible for several incidents where several gas stations have been victims of attacks and attempted arson.The leader platform Pitit Dessalines informed the press that he has been trying to contact Evans Paul to ask him to stop these criminal acts, but to no avail. Moise Jean-Charles said that he knows very well what Evans Paul is capable of, consideration his past as former militant Kompe Plim.


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Moise Jean-Charles akize Evans Paul nan dife estasyon gaz yo

Moise Jean-Charles kenbe ansyen Premye Minis Evans Paul responsab pou plizyè inicidents kote plizyè estasyon gaz te viktim atak ak arson. Platfòm lidè Pitit Desalin lan enfòme laprès ke li te ap eseye kontakte Evans Paul pou li mande l ' sispann zak kriminèl sa yo, men li pa jwenn li. Moise Jean-Charles te di ke li konnen trè byen sa Evans Paul kapab fè, konsidere sa te fè kòm ansyen militan Kompe Plim.

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Subject: Moise Jean-Charles accused Evans Paul in gas stations arson edit

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