Fort Liberté protests to demand connection to electrical grid of Caracol

Protesters in the Fort Liberté area of Haiti fought bitterly recently for their right to not be left in the dark. On Thursday, November 27, Haitian police were called to put a stop to a violent street protest which took place near the border with Dominican Republic, in which residents of Fort Liberté demanded that they be given an electricity supply from the Caracol power plant at an industrial park.


Opposition politician in the northeast area, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime, claimed that, in the skirmish, 13 people were wounded by the police who responded, but so far Frantz Lerebours, the police spokesman, only confirmed injuries without stating a number. He has said that the head of the National Police has dispatched a team to investigate. Coming out of the issue, and in light of the other instances of violence perpetrated throughout the island recently, including the bloody anti-government march through Port-au-Prince weeks ago, the government held a special meeting with Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe at the table, along with the Minister of Justice, the Director of the National Police, and other involved individuals.

Stemming from the meeting, the following plans have been made: There was a subsequent meeting scheduled for December 1 between the Haitian government and USAID so as to determine how best to connect the two sites. Secondly, a technical team would travel to Fort Liberté on December 2nd for an assessment of the situation. Following that there is to be a repair of four energy groups in Central Chevry that will allow 6 hours of power per day for the area. Finally, the police were deployed to reestablish peace within the communities.

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