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Garry Conille's Undated Resignationtion Letter by Thierry Mayard-Paul

This is not a good way to get into a job. It seems like last weekend, there were some heat coming out of the presidential family. According to rumors, there was an altercation between the Prime Minister designate Dr. Garry Conille and President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul. This is what I heard:

Thierry Mayard-Paul presented an undated letter of resignation to Dr. Conille. The letter that was written by Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul, according to the source, was not welcomed at all. The "Haitian Joudalist" learned that things quickly got out of control where matters had escalated to a violent a verbal altercation between the President's Chief of Staff, Mr. Thierry Mayard-Paul and the Prime Minister-designate, Dr. Garry Conille.

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Michel Martelly said: Garry Conille does not meet residency requirement

Then if this is the case why did the president nominate Dr. Garry Conille for Prime Minister. According to Article 157 of the Haitian constitution, the Prime Minister of Haiti must reside in the country for five consecutive years. Does that mean the president does not have any respect for the Haitian constitution?

Is that true that "Loa en Haiti Se Sel Nan tet Moun Li Dansè"

According to President Michel Martelly, before nominating Dr. Garry Cornille, he took the advice of his legal team. The president also stated that the fact that Garry Conille has not resided in Haiti for the past five years is not a hidden history. However, Garry Conille pays taxes to the United Nations for Haiti.

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Will Gary Conille be rejected because of Residency?

I don't think so. The issue of country residence for our newly nominated Prime Minister, Dr Garry Conille, seems to be the only problem that might stop him from becoming the next president of Haiti.

The "Haitian Joudalist" has learned that Dr. Garry Conille has been living outside of the country for over seven years as an employee of the United Nations.

Chavannes Jean-Baptiste denounced the violation of Article 157 of the Constitution including the provisions relating the number of years of residence would be inconsistent with the current situation of the candidate for Prime Minister.

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Will the next Prime Minister be Dr. Garry Conille?

All the arrows seem to be going in one direction at this time. All the major news medias are confirming that Dr. Garry Conille was the the candidate selected by President Michel Martelly to become the next Prime Minister of Haiti.

Who is Dr. Garry Conille? He is a forty five years old. Dr. Garry Conille is a graduate of College Canado Haitien. He also studied at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the UEH in Haiti and at the University of North Carolina in the United States.

What are his chance to become the next prime Minister of Haiti if in fact Dr. Garry Conille is the choice of President Michel Martelly?

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