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Giovanni Dorelien, New Coordinator of the Primature

The Directorate of Communications, under the direction of the Haiti Primature, announced to the media that Prime Minister-Elect Laurent Lamothe has selected Giovanni Dorélien as Coordinator of the Department of Budgetary Affairs in the Primature. The Communication Directorate spoke about the bureaucratic inconsistencies and non-cooperation that has interfered with addressing the needs of the country, within the Primature, specifically the lack of communication between the Directorates of Administrative and Budgetary Affairs and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The Communication Directorate reported that with the appointment of Giovanni Dorelien as Coordinator in the Primature, it is imperative that he get all Directorates and Ministries working together to do the hard work necessary to rebuild Haiti's infrastructure, secure private investors, and create new jobs through foreign investment. As part of the announcement, the Communication Directorate listed Dorélien's credentials in government service, as a senior liaison officer for several state agencies, in which he successfully reconciled conflicts between warring factions within department agencies.

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