Enjoy the Beautiful Beaches at Bonbon Village in Haiti

In Haiti, in the Caribbean in North America is located a beautiful village called Bonbon. Bonbon is a municipality located in the Grand'Anse Department of Haiti in the Jeremie Arrondissement BonBon has around 6754 inhabitants.


Exotic Bonbon Beaches

From Jeremie, Bonbon is located several miles away to the west. Clairin is a homemade rum which the men relish a lot and are seen drinking here. On the beaches, tents are also seen pitched which can be hired by many of the couples looking for privacy.

The beaches here are simply exotic and can invite anyone for partying. Fete Patronale is the yearly fiesta celebrated in the village of Bonbon. Bonbon is a less frequently visited place in Haiti and hence is not a destination for tourists really.

Destinations Close To Bonbon

Close to Bonbon is located Port-au-Prince, a popular Haitian destination. It is located at latitude of 18° 40' north and longitude of 74° 15' west. It is located at an average location of 15 meters.

Places close to Bonbon are Buron, Lacabri, Babino, Colage, Briere, Flefe, Hilaire, Hatte Chapeau and Chassagne. Bonbon is connected to these places by more than one route. There are different routes for travelling to Bonbon including air, road and rail.

How to Reach Bonbon

Some of the closest airports to Bonbon in Haiti include, Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Jeremie Airport, Municipal Airport, Beaumont Muni Airport, Les Cayes Airport and Eaker Airport. Bonbon is connected with these airports by rail and air.
Bus services to destinations nearby are easily available. In the area a centre for learning is being established for the people of Haiti by Sant Demen, a non-profit making organization. Weather in Bonbon is quite good. During the day time the maximum temperature could reach 29 degrees C. On some of the days, it could be a bit windy even.

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