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Candidacy of Jacky Lumarque of VERITE rejected by CEP

The Provisional Electoral Council has reconsidered its initial decision and now has decided to remove Jacky Lumarque of the Verite Party from the race for not having his discharge certificate which is a requirement by the electoral decree in its Article 90. Mr. Jacky Lumarque was the candidate for the Political Party VERITE which was formed by former president Rene Preval.

According to the CEP, the candidate of VERITE did not provide a dischage certificate for his management as Coordinator of the Working Group on Education and Training (GTEF). The letters from the Superior Court of Auditors and Administrative Disputes (CSC/CA) demonstrated that the candidacy of Jacky Lumarque was approved without a standard-level décharge.

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Francois Levelt out of Presidential Race due to drug Trafficking

We just learned that the candidate for the political party MUDHAH, François Levelt, has been removed from the race for president in Haiti. The CEP made that decision on Friday, June 19, 2015 due to possession and trafficking of crack and cocaine in the United States.

Nou jis aprann ke yo retire nan ras pou prezidan kandida pou pati MUDHAH politik la, François Levelt. CEP a te pran desizyon sa nan Vandredi, 19 jen, 2015 akòz posesyon ak trafik krak ak kokayin nan Etazini.

Ki sa nou panse?

What do you think?

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Laurent Lamothe drifting away from his Presidential Dream

The dream for Laurent Lamoth to become the next president of Haiti seems to be diminishing. The BCEN that actually issued the verdict late yesterday to reject his candidacy really put some waters in his fire. The BCEN based their decision due to the absence of discharge.

In the meantime, Lamothe has been rallying his troop to apply some pressure on the CEP to allow him to participate in the election, which so far doesn't seem to be working. From radio presentation to news conference bot in Haiti and the Diaspora, nothing seem to be going on his favor.

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Laurent Lamothe candidacy rejected, Premye Minis Pran Kanet

It has been reported that the Bureau du Contentieux Électoral Départemental (BCED) de l'Ouest has decided not to accept the candidacy of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. This information was made public by several radio stations in the Haitian capital. The former Prime Minister found himself among as many as more than 20 candidates for the presidential election who are reported to be disqualified for various reasons

Yon Radyo di ke Biwo kontansyeu Elektoral départemental (BCED) de l' Ouest deside pa aksepte kandidati Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe . Dapre sous la, Ansyen Premye la ta pran "Kane". Li nan mitan anpil plis pase 20 kandida ki dwe diskalifye pou plizyè rezon

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Haiti Election dates, August 9 Senate, October 25 for Deputies and President

The CEP has announced the various dates on Thursday for the long overdue legislative and municipal elections. A date is set as well for the presidential vote. They also revealed the Electoral Timetable as well at the Hotel Karibe Convention Center.

Here are the important dates to remember:

June 19, 2015, Start of the electoral campaign

March 16, 2015, Reopening of the Political Parties Registration :

Monday, April 6, Partial Legislative Elections : (20 Senators and 118 deputies)

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Jose Mujica of Uruguay to remove troops due to Haiti political impasse

Is he trying to say that Haiti is a basket case and that nothing worth while can be accomplished there?

You can interpret however you want, however Uruguay president Jose Mujica no longer wants to take any part in this mess.

He said recently that he plans to remove his country's nearly 1,000 peacekeeping troops from Haiti.

According to an interview on a local TV station, President Jose Mujica stated that he made that decision because of the lack of democratic progress in Haiti.

Let me tell you Mr. the President "You can never change Haiti". "Haiti will change you, or at least your conception as to what is logic"

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Ballot Tampering stuffing, A common practice in Haiti

Campaign season in Haiti is nearly always tense, with bi-partisan supporters of each party undercutting one other to get their candidate into office. A U.S. Department of Justice observer, who conducts immigration reviews for foreigners seeking refuge in the U.S., views the problem as two-fold.

First, voter-initiated fraud is driven by absence of a civil-service system, in which citizens can serve their communities in different capacities. Such positions are non-political and confer job stability. Not only is there job security, but also assurance of rising to higher levels of responsibility with commensurate pay.

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Haiti Electoral Council will recount preliminary election results

New development following the public protest of the election results. The Haitian Joudalist just learned that Haiti Electoral Council agreed to recount the preliminary election results that cause mass demonstration all over Haiti. The Electoral Council also stated the three leading candidates for president, namely Mirlande manigat, Jude Celestin and Michel Martelly as well as the international election observers are invited to re-examine the votes at the official Tabulation Center.

Protests of the election started on the day of the election as polling places were closing.

In a statement released on Wednesday, Mrs. Mirlande Manigat called for an independent evaluation of the votes. She stated that preliminary results allocated to her do not correspond to reality. Michel Martelly urged his supporters to protest the results of the election nonviolently. Martelly stated: "Demonstrating without violence is the right of the people. I will be with you until the bald-head victory"

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Supporters of Michel Martelly protest Election results

The results of the Haiti election 2010 put Mirlande Manigat and Jude Celestin in the lead to participate in the runoff election scheduled for January 16. However, supporters of candidates Michel Martelly, also known as Sweet Micky, did not accept the results quietly. It has been widely expected that the runoff election would be between Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat.

Supporters of the popular musician and presidential candidate Michel Martelly set up barricades and burned tires throughout the night and also on the day following the election results were publicized. Hundreds of protesters blocked streets, some buildings were set on fire. One protester said to the news media:" It is not power that should give power"

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