Prezidan Ayisyen pral jwenn 250,000 goud pansyon chak mwa

Anmey! Yon sel Biznis ki pi pwofitab an Ayiti se Gouvènman. Pandan ke popilasyon an ap vin pi pòv, gouvènman ayisyen an ape asire sekirite li. Yon nouvo dekrè ki pibliye nan jounal ofisyèl "Le Moniteur" pral fè prezidan nou an pi pi rich. Prezidan Repiblik la ap resevwa yon pansyon 250,000 goud yon fwa chak mwa. Koulye a, mwen konprann pou ki sa chak ayisyen vle vini Prezidan.


Ki sa ou panse?

Ou pa vle vini yon Prezidan?

The only profitable business in Haiti remains Government. While the population is getting poorer and poorer, the Haitian government is assuring that its future is secure. A new decree published in issue 205 of the official newspaper "Le Moniteur" will make our presidents much richer. From now on, the President of the Republic will receive a monthly pension of 250,000 gourdes once living office. Now I understand why every Haitian wants to be President

What do you think?

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Sime Leroy says...

foc yon noune ta aveugle et soud a la fois pou pa ta comprend ca qui ap passer la le ou president ou bien 1 ministre ce yo life assurance ou acheter ce pa ti assurance boquiere ce gros assurance qui gain nez nan figure ce president avant duvalier qui te quitter pouvoir pauvre aristide vendre liv best seller li

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Virginia says...

YOU think 250,000 mil goud is a big deal for president Martell who used to make a lot of money on music, let get serious

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