Michel Martelly, a frustrated president now relying on insulting women

At the end of his term in office, President Michel Martelly suddenly feels desperate in regard to his legacy. For all the energies invested for the past five years it appears to him that history might not be kind to him after all. So at this point it appears that our President Michel Martelly can no longer hold his frustration. He is hungry, mad, insane, mentally ill, deranged, demented, sick in the head, crazed. This is the only way to explain his behavior last week as he went further than ever before in his insulting remarks toward the woman he was addressing n the crowd.


Picture this:
The team is very motivated to win the game; however, the team does not have all the necessary skills required to win against his strongest adversary (The Haitian opposition, corruption, poverty, selfishness, class division, crooks, this is just to name a few). The game is almost over and the opposing team is 2-0 on you. The referee is looking at his watch and he is about to put an end to the game. You know for sure that you can no longer win the game. At that point, the only thing you can do is at least try to vent your frustration so that you don't end up in a psychiatric place, being prescribed antidepressant medication such as Celexa, Lexapro, Paxil, Paxil and Prozac,

This is how one can understand the current level of frustration of President Michel Martelly and may be provide some psychiatric intervention before things get worst. The most common sign of depression include: chronic, deep, severely low mood, profound sadness, tearfulness, or a sense of hopelessness, chronic irritability, anxiety or moodiness. Other signs include sadness, empty mood that lasts more than 2 weeks, appetite changes, changes in sleep habits, trouble sleeping and feeling tired all of the time, rage or anger, chronic self-criticism, engaging in risky activities without thinking, increasing alcohol or drug abuse.

Road to desperation, frustration and violence:

Most people want to make an impression on others. Whether it is your statute in society, your social rank, education, your ability to care for one self, your role as a provider for your family, being successful in business, we all do our best to leave a positive impression.

However, these things need to be communicated so that we take our proper places in the society that we are living in and that the people around us put us in the rank that we deserve. How many would feel OK if you are a Doctor, attorney, Senator, ... and being introduced without the title?

The most effective ways of communicating to others who you are in term of your rank in the society is through behavior. Some say that you want your actions speak for you. a doctor enter familiar place where everyone already know who he is; he is treated with the proper respect by everyone.

When that person goes into an unfamiliar territory, and he/she is not known by everyone, the that particular option "Behavior" doesn't work. However, when the need is still there, you try the second method which is communication. A Senator walks into the room and no one come to say good morning Senator...... To some, this may affect their ego. During the Duvalier dictatorship, when the regime was unable to convince the majority of the Haitian people that he was successful in alleviating their misery, they resulted in large campaign of propaganda as a way to convince the public. These methods (Communication) have limited success. President Michel Martelly was not cheap in his propaganda campaign either. From the number of children who went to school in Haiti to many social services such as "Ti Manman Cheri", Katye pam Poze" to public food distribution, gifts during the Christmas season. However, all these have limited effects and the oppositions were skilled enough to use them against his own government.

Frustration, abuse and Violence:
Sadly enough, we see that when these two methods (Behavior and Communication) do not work, the actor is left with little option other than resulting to either frustration, abuse or violence. We saw that during the Duvalier reign who used the Tonton macoute to address his frustration. He also used prison like Fort Dimance, mass deportation and exile, and killing as simple methods like behavior and communication couldn't quite do the job.

This is exactly what direction President Michel Martelly took last week when he called the lady who want to ask him questions regarding the locality she lives in. The one positive thing about all that is that unlike in the past this president did not use violence in many situations. This could be due to the fact that this is a different time period. What we witnessed in this latest performance is a complete degradation of the office of the Presidency in Haiti, an embarrassment for President Michel Martelly, his family, all the people in his government in general and the women in particular and finally our beloved country of Haiti.

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Cheria Gata says...

I enjoyed reading your article.

It put a different spin on things.

Martelly for all his negatives, started out with great intentions.

Like President Obama, he faced opposition at every turn. Unlike President Obama, he himself got sucked into the corruption by surrounding himself with a corrupt wife, friends and alliances.

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Shime Leroy says...

moin pas saisi pou ca bourrique st domingue li te met habille mais quon midi foc li renni moin vini appren yon bagay nan la vie ca ce leu ou pral mande moune service ou besoin comportement martelly ba besoin arien nan moune encore peut etre

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