Prime Minister Garry Conille involved in Car accident in Laboule

How can this happen? The car brakes of the head of of Haiti government failed. According to the report, it happened in the location of Laboule near port -au-Prince when the car that was taking Prime Minister Garry Conille got into an accident. The accident was not serious and Prime Minister Garry Conille was not hurt.


Mr. Conille, as head of government, I would advise that you go and find out what's going on.

Prime Minister Garry Conille "Fok ou Geté Dlow"

If it is not your helicopter that does a forced landing, it is the Airplane taking the government team to Cuba that was obligated to do emergency landing.

And now, it's your car?


Do you think the recent series of accident, emergency landing, and forced landing involving the government is just coincidence?

Do you think there are some revisions that need to take place in term of transportation government transportation?

Please advise

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Subject: Prime Minister Garry Conille involved in Car accident in Laboule edit

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