Pierre Esperance plays major role at RNDDH

Since his election as the National Network for the Defense of Human Right's head, Pierre Esperance has been active in championing the organization's causes, stepping on a few toes, intentionally, in the process. His subsequent nomination as a International Federation for Human Right's Secretary General put added clout behind him, making the role he plays as the RNDDH's voice even weightier.


For over five years he has been battling the Haitian government and other involved entities on the case of justice for the murdered journalist Jean Dominique. Since Dominique's assassination 13 years ago, no one has been prosecuted and the investigation is rumored to have been only half-hearted.

As such, in 2008, following the appointment of Jean Ostrick Hercule as the Director of UCREF (the Central Financial Intelligence Unit), Esperance issued a statement telling that he and the RNDDH were in direct opposition to this nomination, calling it evidence of the government's light-handed treatment of the issue of justice. Their opposition to the man was in direct correlation to Hercule's role as an investigating judge on Dominique's case.

Three years later he took on the President himself, writing a letter to President Martelly in which he said the team around him was littered with people who were distasteful, or of dubious merit. President Martelly took umbrage to this and defended his choices, citing the acceptance of his team by other bodies, local and international.

Esperance continues to voice the RNDDH's grievances, in his capacity as Executive Director, but, as the aim of the RNDDH is to protect the human rights of Haitian citizens, his dangerous position is merely, some would argue, the natural scope of his job.

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