CARICOM wants Dominican Republic banned from PetroCaribe

The controversy over the Dominican Republic (DR) High Court ruling may cause DR natural-born citizens of Haitian descent to become stateless continues to raise ire in the international community.


Dr. Gonsalves, St. Vincent Prime Minister, wants the DR excluded from CARIFORUM. He has informed DR President Medina that Gonsalves has advised Venezuelan President Maduro to ban the DR's participation in PetroCaribe. Gonsalves added if the DR did not force the Court to rescind its ruling when the PetroCaribe Summit took place, he would put the issue on the agenda for discussion.

General La Rocque, Secretary of CARICOM, commented the ruling brings to the fore ". . . a serious question . . ." regarding the situation of natural-born citizens of Haitian descent. Gonsalves wrote Danilo the ruling was "unacceptable in any civilized community."

The DR, trying to defend its position, says the ruling would not make Haitian descendents of illegals stateless. The plan is to give temporary residence permits to those affected, on an individual basis. The DR attempts to put the blame on Haiti's difficulty in documenting the whereabouts of its nationals, making certifying returning Haitians a near impossibility. In other words, it would not be the DR's actions forcing the condition of statelessness on Haitian descendants, but Haiti's own.

Amnesty International and the Organization of American States are worried about the possibility of mass deportations, and the effect it would have on Haiti, whose fragile infrastructure could not handle the influx of deportees.

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