What do we Haitians get for helping to Re-elect Barack Obama?

This is not scientific but I can safely say that more than eighty percent of Haitians who are eligible to vote in the US actually voted for Barack Obama this past election. People may have different reasons. Some Haitians voted for Obama because they believe that he is for poor people. Others think he is pro immigrant and wanted to thank him for the TPS he gave Haitians recently. Some Haitians also voted for Obama just because he is Black. That's OK too.


Haiti United States

However, just like the other groups after voting for a candidate who wins an election, the Haitian community should expect something in return. We have issues within the Haitian Diaspora living in the US as well as back home in Haiti.

Mr. Barack Obama, the following is my wish list:

1: I would want for you to introduce a bill that will allow all immigrants who have been in the US since January 1, 2012 to become legal citizens of the United States.

2: Start working on having my country of Haiti to become sovereign nation once again. In that I mean to help put structures in the country so we can write our own destiny.

3: Help Haiti to combat Corruption and insecurity.

4: Facilitate the reintegration of the Haitian Diaspora in the political and social life of Haiti.

5: Help in the development of a Disaster Preparation plan that is helpful to the country.

6: Help decrease the effect of International Organizations in Haiti (NGO)

I could only think of those issues listed above.

Does anyone care to add or remove anything from suggested list? Please feel free to add your opinion in the comment section

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Ejay says...

hi my name is ejay as my nickname but this is what i think maybe is little bit to late but always good to bring something to the table and more i feel proud for my haitian american specially guys like you.So let me tell you this that is politic even the president itself cannot take position in haiti situation i mean even the aproval it from the senate and so on ...those 2 subjections are a little dreamer here they are 2: Start working on having my country of Haiti to become sovereign nation once again.

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Jea says...

I believe the Haitians population in the U. S can get together to help our own country, but the insecurity challenges everyone minds.

I agree for every illegal immigrants should be legalize in the US because because it will help the country's economy when everyone starts paying taxes.

Haitians people listen President Obama has enough in his plate to deal with, but we can ask him to put his hands to help Haiti not to rebuilt the country.

Remember many hands the burden is not

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Linda says...

My point of view is that the president of USA is not a president of Haiti, I think president Obama has too much to solve for his country, why do we Haitian people has a President in lean on other president country.?we need to have a budget for our own country.

the only thing as a U.S citizens I wish he can do for our Haitian people who has the TPS to become a permanent resident in the

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Lucien says...

We are a nation of dreamers if we think Obama even think for once about poor people and

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Sisi says...

Why is it that Obama never met the current Haitian President Michel martelly?

Is bill Clinton the one assigned to Haiti?

You all are wrong to think that Obama or any American president can solve the problem of Haiti.

The solution to Haiti is right in front us us. It is among

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Jocelin Pierre says...

yes! I completely agree.

Obama needs to deliver to the Haitians.

I am 100 percent of legalizing the Haitians who are living here.

I think he should do more to get tose people in Haiti to get their act together.

This is a president who has almost nothing to

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