RE: What do we Haitians get for helping to Re-elect Barack Obama?

Ejay - October 17 2013, 2:12 AM

hi my name is ejay as my nickname but this is what i think maybe is little bit to late but always good to bring something to the table and more i feel proud for my haitian american specially guys like you.So let me tell you this that is politic even the president itself cannot take position in haiti situation i mean even the aproval it from the senate and so on ...those 2 subjections are a little dreamer here they are 2: Start working on having my country of Haiti to become sovereign nation once again.

In that I mean to help put structures in the country so we can write our own destiny.

3: Help Haiti to combat Corruption and insecurity.

remenber all those great countries are rich because of the poor countries so you can imagine what does it mean for the U.S but beleive me i really apreciate you effort yourself

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What do we Haitians get for helping to Re-elect Barack Obama?

This is not scientific but I can safely say that more than eighty percent of Haitians who are eligible to vote in the US actually voted for Barack...

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