Political Asylum Sought By Sony Thelusma, 'Ti Sony'

The famous "Ti Sony" attempted to seek political asylum in January, 2013 at the US Embassy, according to sources. He was afraid for attempts on his life.


Sony Thelusma, AKA Ti Sony had filed a complaint against Jean Bertrand Aristide for exploitation.

His group had planned to put up a demonstration with a sit-in at the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince. However, this did not turn out the way it was planed. Police in Delmas police was called by the American officials and as a result, Sony Thelusma, AKA Ti Sony and hid group were picked up and taken to jail by Delmas Police

Another version of the same story is that Ti Sony and six others had been to the U.S. Embassy for protection and asylum, as per the sources. Yet another version of the story is that both he and the comrades say that they themselves had called for the police so that they would be picked up and accordingly protection would be given to them.

Ti Sony argued that he has been threatened by many on several occasions for the complaints they made against former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide

As per the latest updates on the case, it has been reported that "Ti Sony" Sony Thelusma as well as his comrades have been released by justice officials after their reasoning has been heard for their presence at the U. S. Embassy.

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Subject: Political Asylum Sought By Sony Thelusma, 'Ti Sony' edit

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