Lucmane Delille Case Against Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Simon Dieuseul Desras, President of the Senate stated to a journalist on Thursday that Lucmane Delille, Port-au-Prince's Government Commissioner is not competent enough nor does he have the disposition at a professional level to purse a case against Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the former President.


Who Should Deal The Case
Delille seems unfit for various reasons. It is recalled by Senator Desras that the capital city's government commissioner was a GNB or the Grenn Nan Bouda member. GNB translation indicates, 'sexual organs of males in the buttocks'. Elites as a reactionary group formed GNB that includes Haitian President who was a musician formerly. In 2004 to oust the President, Group 184 funded GNB.

Evans Paul, the former mayor of Port-au-Prince also echoed that Delille should get himself removed from the case so that it could be passed to someone else who would not be compromised emotionally in the case as Senator Desras was.

Non Compliance With Aims Of The Administration
As stated by Senator Desras, arbitrary arrests of 21 protestors was made on December 16, 2012 and threats were being made towards Deputy Arnel Belizaire (Delmas/independent) and Senator Jean-Charles Moise (Nord/Inite) the two parliamentarians by Commissioner Delille.

If this path is taken by the Commissioner then it is likely that he will become like other Martelly administration commissioners who have been removed as they did not comply with aims of the administration or were tools of injustice. Against the former President, complaints are being put forth and clarity is being sought by Senator Desras in this context.

Questions Posed By Senator Desras
The questions posed are whether or not Aristide has been the accountant for the organizations, whether he was involved directly in the abuse of confidence acts for which he has been charged or whether he is being charged for his actions as State Head or citizen.

A number of questions have been posed by Senator Desras that should be answered. If he is being charged as State Head, then only the national justice officials can pursue the case and not a city prosecutor.

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