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Jean Claude Duvalier at Ecole de Droit et des Sciences Economiques des Gonaives

For Haitian dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier named godfather "parain" for the promotion Robert Blanc at the Law school and Economic sciences in Gonaives. This was done for the 2011graduating class.

This is something that will make me take a moment to think about" Jean Claude Duvalier, a former Dictator, someone who was heading a government where the law was not used or respected, is being named the godfather of a graduating class of future layers.

I believe the former Haitian dictator, Jean-Claude Duvalier is Haitian like all Haitians. by that, I mean he has the right to live in his country. I also believe that we need to start working on reconciliation, something that President Michel Martelly has been working on. I only have one problem: Using Jean Claude Duvalier as a figure in anything that has to do with law.

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Video of Souvenir during the reign of Jean-Claude Duvalier

This video will definitely mean something to many Haitians. It was a time when Haiti was under the dictatorship of Jean-Claude Duvalier. Some people have positive memories of the Duvalier the same way some have negative memories. For some people who will be watching this video, it will remind them of a time when things were good for them in Haiti. However for many, this can only remind them of abuse, repression, death and exile.

During the Duvalier era many names became popular; some in a noble aspect; but many, in unscrupulous ways. Some of the names during both Francois Duvalier and Jean-Claude Duvalier that became famous include the following:

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How Haiti can make good use of all these former Presidents

By May 14, 2011 Haiti will have a record number of former presidents in the country. It will be the first time that happen in the history of Haiti.

Former Haitian President Boniface Alexandre is in Haiti, living a quit life. We recently have two controversial former leaders who made celebrity comeback to Haiti in 2011: Jean-Claude Duvalier and Jean-Bertraned Aristide. By the end of his term on May 14, president Rene Preval will join the list of former Haitian presidents as well.

How can Haiti make good use of all these former leaders?

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Jean-Claude Duvalier has been taken to Canape Vert Hospital in Haiti

Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier is currently receiving treatment in Canape Vert Hospital in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. Duvalier had a terrible stomach ache, accompagned with pain in the thorax.

According to Reuters news, the former Haitian president is being treated in a private Hospital after falling ill. His attorney, Reynold George said that Duvalier will stay in the Hospital to get some rest.

To complicate his situation, on wednesday, Haitian Justice issued a House Arrest order, preventing Baby Doc Jean-Claude Duvalier from leaving his residence.

On Wednesday, the Haitian justice issued a "house arrest order" against Duvalier,

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Video Report of Jean-Claude Duvalier visit in Leogane

This is a short report of the visit by Former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier in Leogane.

This video was filmed by Haiti Press Network. Jean-Claude Duvalier with his long-term friend Veronique Roy visiting some old friends. This video also captured interaction between the former Haitian president with the people in the streets.

Duvalier also took the time to pose with some children for photo opportunities.

I can not help it but watching this video of Jean-Claude Duvalier in the streets of Port-au-Prince took me back to Haiti somes years back.

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Haiti to receive UN help to go after Jean-Claude Duvalier for crimes committed

The Human Rights Office, a branch of the United Nations, has decided to help the Haitian government prosecute former Haitian Dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier for the killings and tortures that took place under his government. The "Haitian Joudalist" was also informed that there are no statute of limitation for important human rights violations such as torture, rape and enforced disappearance. The Human Rights Office said that people who were victimized by the Jean-Claude Duvalier regime deserves justice.

Does anyone remember this Haitian proverb: "Bay kou bliye, pote mak sonje"

Translated into English: "He who gives the blow forgets; he who carries the scar remembers."

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Why did Jean-Claude Duvalier really return to Haiti?

The return of Jean-Claude Duvalier to Haiti make many people to ask the questions: Why?, Why now?, what are the intents?

Is it really because he wants to help his country as Jean-Claude Duvalier stated?

Does he have a political plan that we do not know about yet?

Did Jean-Claude Duvalier make an intelligent calculation on the potential charges that would likely file against him and also develop a strategy to deal with them.

Speculation on why Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti raised the point that Duvalier made a calculated judgment that this is the best possible moment to return to Haiti. The justice system in Haiti is still shaky and can be influenced.

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FLASH!, Jean-Claude Duvalier just received his arrest in Haiti

Breaking News. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Former president Jean-Claude Duvalier has been arrested. He went to the police van without a handcuff and was accompanied with his wife is Veronique Roy. The family was escorted by Haiti National Police.

Jean-Claude Duvalier returned to Haiti on January 16, 2011. He returned after more than 25 years in exile in France. " I came to help my country" Jean-Claude said at the airport on January 16, 2011. Now the latest is that Jean-Claude Duvalier was arrested by the Haitian authority while in Haiti.

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Jean-Claude Duvalier is expected in Haiti Sunday, January 16, 2011

This is not a joke. The "Haitian Joudalist" just learned that Former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier is returning to Haiti as we speak. According to Agence France Press (AFP), he is expected to land at Port-au-Prince International Airport today, around 5:30 pm. Jean-Claude Duvalier is on board of an Air France flight directly from Paris, France.

This is definitely big

Why did Jean-Claude decide to return to Haiti now?

How will that move affect the current election crisis?

What is his objective for returning o Haiti?

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