Gabriel Fortuné promised to replace all latrines with flushing toilets in Les Cayes

On Monday, April 2, 2016 the former Senator Jean Gabriel Fortuné stated that once he become mayor of the city of Cayes, he will eliminate all latrines there and replace them with flushing toilets. He wants his city to be the first in the nation that will allow separation between the people and their excreta. Jean Gabriel Fortuné currently doesn't hold any official position. He is still hoping to be heading the municipality of Les Cayes which has not happened so far. The CEP has not published the results of the municipal elections in the area yet; however if the plan to replace all latrines with flushing toilets is implemented this will revolutionize the health sector of the city.


The need to replace latrines with flushing toilets in Haiti has become more crucial to public health recently as Haiti is struggling with the cholera epidemic. Some experts in the field believe it is the only way to end Haiti's cholera epidemic.

One group who would likely be affected by such transition would be our bayakou who have been filling an important roles in all that, separating citizens from their own waste.

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Subject: Gabriel Fortune promised to replace all latrines with flushing toilets in Les Cayes edit

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