Jeremie - Haiti the City Of Poets

Jérémie is located in the Jeremie Arrondissement in Haiti and is the capital city of the Grand'Anse Department. It was founded in 1756. Navasa Island is located around 40 nautical miles to the west of the city.


The City Of Poets

Numerous historians, writers as well as poets were born in Jeremie city and hence it is termed as the city of poets. Prominent writers such as Etzer Vilaire and Emile Roumer were born here. General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the father of Alexandre Dumas Pere a historic novelist, was born in Jeremie. Very close to the city, flows the Grand-Anse River.

As per 2003 census, population of the place has been around 31,000 people. As compared to the rest of Haiti, it is isolated, relatively. It is divided into the Basse Ville and Haute Ville, namely the commercial centre and the residential section. In the residential section you get to see quaint green and pink cottages.

La Bonne Nouvelle - Jeremie:

Earthquake Aftermath

In 2010 an earthquake took place, after which a convoy with food aid was transported and delivered to Jeremie via the Jeremie Airport. The area of 'Numero Deux is the other name by which the airport is known by. Charter flights are conducted by the Mission Aviation Fellowship from this airport. On 30th January 2010, twenty men attempted a hijack, in Jeremie, of the convoy carrying medical and food aid.

In the wake of the earthquake, need for medical supplies increased and accordingly these have been airlifted from the Jeremie airport. In the devastating 2010 earthquake, the late Reverend Archbishop Joseph Serge Miot who was also born in Jeremie was killed in Port-au-Prince.

A Bastion of Mixed European and African Heritage

In 1807 the port was opened which developed as both port and market for various produce like logwood, cacao, hides, coffee, mangoes, bananas and sugarcane obtained from the fertile countryside areas. It was long termed as a bastion of mixed European and African heritage or Haiti's Mulatto.

The 1954 a hurricane had destroyed the Jeremie town badly sending it to a decline. The port was closed by Duvalier in 1964 since the locals opposed his regime. In Jeremie, around 27 people were massacred by the Tonton Macoutes and the Haitian army, during the Jeremie Vespers in the year 1964. The roads are not in good condition and are expected to be constructed with the grant now being made available to Jeremie.

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