Will there be a Presidential Election in Haiti on January 24, 2016

From what i have observed lately, it seems that the Executive government and the CEP are living in one planet while the opposition is in another one. While major preparations are underway by the Haitian President as well as the President of the CEP for a final confrontation between candidate Jovenel Moise and Jude Celestin, the opposition can see clearly the arrival of a transitional government in Haiti to clean up the mess left by both President Michel Martelly and the CEP who have been bug down with corruption, fraud and manipulation of the previous elections. According to the CEP, the campaign season has began, starting today, January 8 to January 22. in the meantime, LAPEH camp said that there can not be an election with only one candidate, in another way, Jude Celestin will not take part on this.



Haitian Kreyol:

Èske pral genyen Eleksyon Prezidansyèl an Ayiti 24 janvye ,2016

Dapre sa mwen te obsève dènyèman, li sanble ke gouvènman Egzekitif ak CEP a ap viv nan yon sèl planèt pandan ke opozisyon an nan yon lòt. Pandan ke gwo preparasyon ape fèt pa Prezidan ayisyen an osi byen ke Prezidan CEP a pou yon final konfwontasyon ant kandida Jovenel Moise ak Jude Celestin, opozisyon an wè klè tankou dlow kokoye yon gouvènman tranzisyon an Ayiti pou pwòpte dezòd, koripsyon, fwod ak manipilasyon ke Prezidan Michel Martelly ak CEP a te
fè nan Eleksyon anvan yo.

Dapre CEP a, sezon kanpay kòmanse jodi a, 8 janvye jiska 22 janvye. Entre-temps, LAPEH di ke pa kapab gen yon eleksyon ki gen yon sèl kandida; nan yon lòt fason, Jude Celestin pa prale kom yon kandida.

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Bwa San Fey says...

Does Martelly really think that Haitians will sacrifice their Mardi Gras to go and stand in long line to vote. Will he do it

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Subject: Will there be a Presidential Election in Haiti on January 24, 2016 edit

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