Martelly said Lamothe has Foreign Citizenship, confirmed Deputy Sorel Jacinthe

In a meeting president Michel Martelly is rumored to have admitted prime Minister-designate Laurent Lamothe had foreign nationality. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe had confirmed the rumors but when pursued on the issue he declined to comment. The meeting was first leaked by Senator Jean-Charles. It took place when the former prime minister resigned. Jean-Charles said that the meeting took place after the fall of Daniel Rouzier, Martelly's first choice of a Prime Minister in the summer of 2011.


When the president was asked about the designation of Laurent Lamothe for Prime Minister the president said that he could choose Lamothe because he held citizenship in a foreign country. Deputy Sorel Jacinthe confirmed that President Martelly indeed made this revelation. All this is happening when Laurent is about to be sworn in as prime minister for the region as he was already sworn in by the senate on Tuesday night.

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Subject: Martelly said Lamothe has Foreign Citizenship, confirmed Deputy Sorel Jacinthe edit

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