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After Life Beliefts In Voodoo Religion

Voodoo followers believe in afterlife. Voodoo Religion believes that even after death, a person's soul remains around until it is reborn.

Voodoo is a religion that started in Haiti more than 280 years ago. It is actually practiced in other African regions and countries such as Jamaica and Santo Domingo and is associated with the traditional religions in Africa and the Caribbean. Voodoo followers believe in a supreme being called Gran Met, who is known for creating the world. However, followers often worship and serve the loas, or the pantheon of divinities, because Gran Met is believed to be too far away to answer their calls.

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After Life Belieft for American Indian

Do you believe in life after death?

Is there a possibility that a person's soul remains alive even if death consumed the body? Is there a way for the living to help the departed find their way to their new world? These are only some of the questions that people ask when it comes to afterlife beliefs and American Indian culture is only one of the many that holds some answers.

American Indian cultures greatly touch on after life belief. According to such culture and tradition, a person bears two souls. One of them is "free," meaning that it can be independent from the actual body and can live even after death. The other, which is referred to as the vital soul, is the one that helps the body breathes and moves. This particular soul could never survive death. Therefore, it is lost when a person dies. When it comes to Native American cultures, the world of the dead is described differently. Some say it is like a "happy hunting ground," while others liken it to the gloomy and dark world of Hades.

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