Haitian Carnival in Little Haiti - With reopening of the Caribbean Market Place

February 18, 2012 will be a day like no other on the streets of Little Haiti. On this historic day more than a thousand Haitians are expected to show up on the streets to make merry, to dine and wine, to dance to soul soothing music, but most importantly to make the world believe that the fading tourism industry in the Caribbean country can be revamped. For the first time Haitians living in Miami will hold their own celebration in Little Haiti, also known as the Lemon City.


The event organized by the office of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones with the support of a number of sponsors will announce the reopening of the Caribbean Market Place in Little Haiti, which has not seen the light of day since 1997. It will be preceded by an event dubbed Big Night in Little Haiti to be held on 17th February at the Little Haiti cultural centre.

Incidentally, the event is running concurrently with the Haitian Carnival, a fact that the organizers claim is pure coincidence. Those who cannot make it to Haiti are urged to avail themselves in the city that is close to Miami. The carnival will showcase Little Haiti's most exotic fruits, extremely fine foods, well tuned music, creative art and craft and of course, the diverse culture.

The organizers not only aim to put the traditional centre for immigrants from Haiti on the world's tourism map but also to foster economic development and to create business. The whole idea is to show the world that Little Haiti has now transformed, and that it is now ready to reclaim the glory that was once upon a time it heritage.

Ms. Tracy Lozama, one of the organizers of the carnival says that it is part of a campaign branded "Believe" which was launched by Commissioner Michelle to make the people believe in their community while believing that big things can still happen there.

Music will be in plenty with crowd stimulating performances by locals such as Grove Relax, Rasin Lakay and Jude Papa Loko. Music bands such as the Rara Band and Conga Band will also grace the occasion. The Nancy St-Leger Haitian Dance Theater will show their bone breaking dancing skills while DJ Griot will keep the music rolling.

All in all, it will be a day to remember. It is a day that many are looking forward to with the expectation that Little Haiti will bring out its beauty for the rest of the world to watch and judge, if not to commend.

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