Operation Gason pa kanpe by Government Commissioner Me Lucmane Delile

In a bid to keep Haiti communities safe and secure, the authorities are now going after criminals and suspicious individuals. Commissioner of the Government Me Lucmane Delile launched the "Gason Pa Kanpe" campaign that is meant to catch criminals and stop them from inciting fear among the public. The campaign started strong, with more than 25 arrests in just a couple of days. Every kind of criminals, including kidnappers and drug dealers, are getting targeted by the campaign.


Lucmane Delile said the campaign"Gason Pa Kanpe" is just beginning, as they plan to go after criminals even harder. He shared that officials started rounding out criminals in the capital of Port-au-Prince, where they questioned and investigated a number of suspects. Officials are also setting their sights on various areas such as banks and neighborhoods with high crime rates. They are determined to make people safe in going to banks because there were instances wherein criminals went after their victims while the latter are doing bank transactions.

Me Lucmane Delile stressed that the government will never let criminals ruin the lives of Haitians, adding that citizens will soon find peace. He also urged the public and the press to cooperate and support the campaign. Everyone is encouraged to immediately report crimes for the authorities to stop them. A major campaign such as this is never easy because criminals have their own strategies and plans to avoid arrest. Given this, it is very important for the people of Haiti to unite and work together for a safer and more secure country.

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