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The Pathology of Antisocial Behavior

People who engage in acting-out behaviors such as hostility, physical attacks, harassment, torture of people or animals, chronic lying, destruction of property, and theft are suffering from a conduct disorder.

According to researchers, such persons are immune to pain or physical threats and the restraints of a lawful society. Because of their immunity to threats, physical pain, and the consequences of their actions, they feel free to inflict mental, emotional, and physical injuries on others.

If these antisocial behaviors continue into adulthood, the odds are an antisocial personality disorder (APD) has formed. APD bears resemblance to another type of destructive behavior disorder, sociopathic or psychopathic personality disorder. Research surveys indicate 1% of females and 3% of males suffer from a version of APD.

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I spat on him? judge Simonis, I would say no said Senator Edwin Zenny

After an uncertain account of his behavior on Monday, Senator Edwin Zenny (Edo) seems to be more calm now to recollect his behavior last Saturday. In a press conference in Parliament, on Monday, the Senator has declared that "I did not spit on the judge Bob Simonis". Additionally, he denied that he was armed at the time of the incident.

According to Haitilibre, Senator Edwin Zenny declared on Radio Magik 9 "There had been altercations and exchanges of words between us. By discussing, anything was possible. I tell you without lie, for Jacmel, I can do anything."

What does that mean exactly: "For Jacmel, I can do anything"?

Would the Senator abuse others, kill or violate the law he supposed to uphold for Jacmel?

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