The renovation of Haiti Iron Market, Marche en Fer, a gift from Denis O'Brien

The Haitian Iron market or Marche en Fer is back in business and we only have one man to thank for that. Irish Billionaire Denis O'Brien is not satisfied with only taking from the Haitian society with his successful Mobil Phone company in Haiti Digicel. He also believes in putting back some of that money to serve the people.


It is reported that billionaire Denis O'Brien donated $12 million of his own money to make the dream of rebuilding the Haitian iron market, marche en Fer, a reality. Many improvements have been made into the renovated Marche Hyppolite. it is equipped with solar panels and resistant to earthquake and hurricane

Marche en Fer or Marche Hyppolite got its name from a deal made between Haitian president Florvil Hyppolite and some French builders back in the late 19 century. The Iron Market was designated for Caro, Egypt to be used as a railway station.

After the deal did not go through, the offer was made to the Haitian government and by 1891, the new Iron Market, called "Marche en Fer" or as some called it "Marche Hyppolite" arrived in Haiti.

The Historic Marche Hyppolite was completely before the renovation. A fire in 2008 burned to the grown and the 2010 catastrophic earthquake finished what was left of it.

The restoration of the iron market started shortly after the earthquake and it took less than one yearn to complete, with the official re-opening on January 12, 2011.

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Subject: The renovation of Haiti Iron Market, Marche en Fer, a gift from Denis O'Brien edit

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