What is the chance of Martelly to get his wish, creating a Haitian Army?

From what the "Haitian Joudalist" heard recently, not too good. The idea of creating a new army in Haiti sounds good. However, the actual result might be devastating.


To combat crime and to protect our border, President Michel Martelly is proposing the formation of a new Haitian army. As you may remember, the old Haitian army (Force Arme D'Haiti, FADH) was disbanded in 1994 by former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Many people would say that the old Haitian army has been used against the Haitian people as an instrument of repression. They committed some of the worst human rights violations in recent memory.

How likely is it that a new military force as Michel Martelly wants to create will be different from the one we had?

What kind of evidence you that members of a new Military force will suddenly become the ideal officer. They will respect the rights of all citizens of the country. They will obey the law of the land. They will not be involved in repression. There will be enforceable and enforced law to fight against corruption and abuse.

I believe that we have similar conditions in the country from the time the old Haitian army (Force Arme D'Haiti, FADH) was abusing its power to today. In some instances, the conditions are worst. Poverty, Haitian mentality, class and race issues, tolerance, just to name a few.

It was Albert Einstein who said that "Insanity is when you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Do you want a new military force in Haiti? and why?

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Lucien says...

How could you say that you are autonom and depend on others to policing your streets.

We need an army to protect our borders and our citizens in one our independency.

We can't depend on others with Negative views toward our cultural beliefs dictate what good or wrong for us. We need an army whi h would not the same roles as the old; one that is professional not to be seen as a repressive force.

It will not have role to arrest civilians but there to quash riots to protect our constitutional rights.

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Samy says...

The question is that: what is the role of an army, in hati we always believe that army is the principale enemy of the haitian people.lol !-But generaly teh army is a force in a country to protect, guaranty the security to the people who is leaving to a country in parenthesis an independant country, also to protect all the posession of this land. In this case i think HAITI realy need a force army. A force army very educative, respect the human haitian right, very specific, so therefore we not going to need any other intervention of any country, like,USA.Thats the reason HAITI become famous on catastrofic politico-issue.U cant offer in a short or transform the haitian society to a different system with an intervention military from a different country which is a different society.The precense of the HAITIANN FORCE ARMY is necessary but also a reform global.

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Elysee Victome says...

No i don't think we need the army (FADH).

This is outrages when people said the army will be good for the people's bad behevior, this is not the army's job. By creating an order army, we are going to put more stress on the

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Josephine says...

Yes, however, it would have to be a Army that respect itself as well as human rights.

Haiti is an Island that have seen a lot of abuse in its time and I don't think right now we have the resources to train an army when the Island is deteriorating right before our eyes. You have young men and women who get ups daily with no jobs, no schools, no food and ect. How do you explain spending money on a Army when it has fell on several tries and then again how will we replace the Ministar.

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Edner Louis says...

we don't want any army in haiti .Please we need food not baton.VIVE HAITI''a bas

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Elsie says...

Yes, we do need the army since my people do not know how to behave.

However, the Army needs to realize we are human being and we deserve respect, harmony and dignity.

No one-man country should live without any Army. Army is a source of defense, protection and security to all

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Binio says...

Yes, because haiti need that and we cannot make ministar go to their country with out creat our own

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