Morne Hospital, on the heights of Martissant in Port-au-Prince

There was no other multi- faceted development program ever before in Haiti like the work of watershed management in the Morne Hospital area. The primary object of the project was to reduce flood risks in the Morne Hospital and its surrounding area. Every year even a slightest rain used to cause real danger in the slopping alluvial areas and many other parts of Port-au-Prince.


The project under the program employed over 4,035 people living in the downstream areas. In addition to reducing flood risks and risks to human lives, the project was unmatched in offering many other benefits like creation of jobs, creating awareness to protect environment, reduction of community violence, improving health condition and strengthening the internal drainage of the city.

The work on the project started on February 6, 2012 and ended on August 2, 2012. The project was initially scheduled to be completed within June 6, 2012 with funding of US$178,634 from Community Violence Reduction (CVR) of MINUSTAH by employing 1,345 local people working in 220 workers in batch rotating system.

The people working there used to chant the slogan "I thirst for peace" (swa mwen Lapè). Dry walls used in the constructing banks and threshold allowed rainwater to sip into the soil. This is very effecting in reducing risks of future landslides. The use of vetiver grass seeding further solidified the walls. There are many other projects in the offing. The area will be reforested with useful plants like bamboo, mango and avocado. The area has been announced as the state-approved zone-- all construction in the area has been banned.

The beneficiaries to the work have expressed their satisfaction.

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Subject: Morne Hospital, on the heights of Martissant in Port-au-Prince edit

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