Michaelle Jean to head the Limonade University Commission

President Martelly has now appointed Michaëlle Jean, a former Canadian governor and UNESCO's special envoy Haiti, to spearhead the commission that will kick start the dream and more importantly ensure that Limonade University is up and running in a year's time. He admitted that Haitians have been unable to do it on their own. The president hoped that by appointing the envoy, Michaëlle Jean, he would be able to bring other likeminded individuals and partners for the betterment of the management of Haiti.


Two years after the earthquake that caused havoc in Haiti, the residents of Limonade are still lifeless. Not that the town was badly hit by the natural catastrophe, but because they have given up on the rolling out of a University in their hometown. For a whole two years they have patiently waited upon the Dominican Republic to aid in putting up the University which has the potential to transform the lives of the locals by creating employment opportunities and offering a superb chance to fight off the benightedness that is so rampant in this part of Haiti.

Limonade University will not only improve the education sector in the area, which at the moment is below par. It will also promote various cultural activities through the various events that will go down in the campus. Haitian, Canadian and French festivals are likely to take place here while there will be other stimulating performances once the university opens its doors come the next academic years.

As we speak the construction of dormitories for students and lecturers is underway. President Martelly has also revealed the release of unspecified amounts of funds to temporarily keep Limonade University going. Beside Michaëlle Jean, Mexico and Chile are said to be willing to support in the management of the university.

The move to appoint Michaelle Jean to head the Limonade University Commission comes a short while after the rector of the State University of Haiti announced the interim committee that will manage the prestigious university. It will be chaired by Dr. Jean Marie Theodat, who was running the Agence universitaire de la francophonie for the Caribbean. Members of the committee will include Fénol Metellus, Jusnerd Nelson and Calixte Nyll.

This is a move which has been welcomed by many as it is a step in the right direction. Many are hopeful that the appointment of Michaelle Jean as head of Limonade University Commission will help in revamping the education sector.

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