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Michaelle Jean, International Francophone Organization's New Secretary General

At the 15th Francophonie Summit held in Dakar, Senegal the membership of the International Francophone Organization (OIF) officially inducted Michaelle Jean as the new Secretary General. She takes the place of outgoing Abdou Diouf.

Jean is the first woman to break the glass ceiling at OIF, and in her acceptance speech said, "I understand the needs and expectations of member states and governments of the OIF . . ." Jean has made a whole-hearted commitment to planning initiatives with Francophonie Associations, including government bodies and civil society institutions. Now the Francophonie has entered the 21st century it is time to place more emphasis on the role women and youth play in a modern economy. By listening and asking for input from young adults and women, a new model of prosperity will gather momentum ". . . it will combine the increase in trade and human and sustainable development for all" Jean asserted.

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Michaelle Jean, new Secretary General of the International Francophone Organisation (OIF)

Haitian President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe were on hand to welcome the newly appointed Secretary General of the International Francophone Organization (OIF), Michaëlle Jean, to the post. Her appointment was decided in Dakar, Senegal, during the 15th staging of the Francophonie Summit held on Sunday, November 30.

Haitian-born Jean was a refugee when she traveled to Canada in 1968. There she would become a journalist and then take up the mantle as a statesperson and Governor General of Canada. Jean is expected to take on her new duties for the OIF in January of 2015, where she will continue her agenda to promote usage of the French language, and the economic fortifying of French-speaking countries, attributes expressed by President Martelly.

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First edition of the Festival of Friendship in Jacmel

The festive Jacmel has yet another annual reason of celebration. With the city's famous traditional festivals' "Festival Film Jakmèl" and "Festival Mizik Jakmèl" unfortunately long gone, the Festival of Friendship is expected to regain the pride of Haiti as a country of rich culture and festivals and be one of the most highly-anticipated happenings in the Caribbean, especially to tourists.

December 5 marked the start of the Festival of Friendship tradition in Jacmel. The official launching of the four-day, four-night affair was done in the city's Hotel Florita gardens. The closing ceremony of the festival on December 9 was done in different parts of the city. The festival paved the way for artists from different parts of the globe to showcase their craft and their talent. Some of the visiting aritsts were from the United States, Canada, France, Switzerland, Republic of Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, and Martinique. Jacmel residents and foreign visitors were able to enjoy several art galleries and displays, as well as dance and music concerts, film showings, and fairs.

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Michaelle Jean to head the Limonade University Commission

President Martelly has now appointed Michaëlle Jean, a former Canadian governor and UNESCO's special envoy Haiti, to spearhead the commission that will kick start the dream and more importantly ensure that Limonade University is up and running in a year's time. He admitted that Haitians have been unable to do it on their own. The president hoped that by appointing the envoy, Michaëlle Jean, he would be able to bring other likeminded individuals and partners for the betterment of the management of Haiti.

Two years after the earthquake that caused havoc in Haiti, the residents of Limonade are still lifeless. Not that the town was badly hit by the natural catastrophe, but because they have given up on the rolling out of a University in their hometown. For a whole two years they have patiently waited upon the Dominican Republic to aid in putting up the University which has the potential to transform the lives of the locals by creating employment opportunities and offering a superb chance to fight off the benightedness that is so rampant in this part of Haiti.

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Michaelle Jean to visit Haiti Earthquake area soon

Canada governor general Michaelle Jean to visit Haiti Earthquake area soon

The Haitian born Canada governor general, Michaelle Jean, will travel to Haiti on March 8-10. She will be accompanied by her husband, Jean-Daniel.

Michaelle Jean is originally from Haiti. She is one of the most famous Haitian Women Celebrities.

Michaelle Jean, born 6 September 1957, is the Governor General of Canada. She was appointed as such by Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to replace Adrienne Clarkson as vicereine, with the official announcement of the selection made on 4 August 2005, and Jean's investiture taking place on 27 September of the same year...

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