2014 Kanaval, "Tèt Kole" or "Tèt Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm

From March 2 to 4, 2014, the historic City of Independence Gonaives will be in celebration mode as it will host The National Carnival. Will this Kanaval period mark the beginning of the electoral campaign for the "Tèt Kale" Political Party, ahead of everyone else?


Why do I say that?

Picture this:
1) Theme selected for 2014 Kanaval: "Tèt Kole pou Ayiti Pi Djanm"
2) Who made the selection: Martelly's government "Tèt Kale"
3) What's special about 2014: "Election Year"

We also know for a fact that the slogan in the mouth of many during the carnival season wil not be "Tèt Kole, but rather "tèt Kale".

Is this a way for the "Tèt Kale" Political Party to start its campaign way ahead of his rivals for the 2014 election period?

Remember in politic no single decision is simple. They are usually the result of well thought strategies developed by experts to reach a goal.

Something to think about!

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Kem says...

I would like to know if this Toulimen is the one who supported tet kale in 2011 election.


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Frideny says...

Toulimen ou poko janm bon.
Lavalas pa nan batay e li pap janm nan batay.Mwen ka fe tout ko fanmiy mwen avek zanmi mwen vote pou tet kale, lavalas te sou pouvwa pandan plizye ane epi sa yo fe?


Epi anyen, anyen, anyen anyen anko. Dematim sou

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Jean Remond says...

Haiti Kanaval 2014 Theme: "Tèt Kale pou Ayiti Pi Djanm" et pi sak pa kontan ambake.

Why not have Michel Martelly for another 5 years.

He has been doing a very good job with Haiti so far. He has been the first progressive government Haiti has known for a long time.

I believe in the Government of Martelly and his Party Tèt Kale should win the majority of the seats during the next election.

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Sosie Toussaint says...

Based on what you said here, i think that it is not fair for Martelly to have an advantage over the other political party by starting campaigning during the Carnaval season.

Se jwet Kokin sa yo ki fè Ayiti kote li ye la.

Nou dwe sispan fè jet kikin pou tout moun kwè an

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Lavalas Tolimin says...

Nou nan lavalas, yon sel bagay nape tann, se yon eleksyon ki jist et onett.

Matelly met fè sa li vle nou gin pou nou pran pouvra sa nan min li.

Matelly met sote, Matelly met ponpe.

Lavalas ap ranmasse tout position yo en 2014.

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Johnson Sainjuste says...

This is what you would call intelligence.

"Tèt Kole" or "Tèt Kale" pou Ayiti Pi Djanm, this is a great idea and I think the group in the Martelly government who came up with that idea deserves a prize.

I think it was great observation from Haiti observer to see that is coincidently coming on an election year.

The government of Martelly-Lamother has some good strategists thinking for

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