Michel Martelly can't lead Haiti's transition, Miami Herald Editorial

The Miami Herald came out very strong with an editorial written against any possibility for Michel Martelly to remain in power after February 7 or to be involved in any transitional government. According to the editorial, "despite an unrelieved record of failure, Mr. Martelly suggested last week that he could prolong his tenure if no consensus for moving forward emerges". "The way forward is uncertain", according to the article. "But one thing is clear: President Michel Martelly must step down when his term expires on Feb. 7"


"Haiti's people have already paid too dearly for Mr. Martelly's disrespect for constitutional order and inept management. He never understood the notion of compromise, nor did he ever try to forge a national political consensus to make the most of the aid provided by the international community to recover from a 2010 earthquake. Whatever was good for "Sweet Micky" was good for Haiti, or so he seemed to believe.

The job proved too big for him. The last thing Haiti needs is another "Sweet Micky."

Haitian Kreyol

Michel Martelly pa ka mennen tranzisyon Ayiti a, Jounal Miami Herald Editoryal

Jounal Miami Herald la te soti trè fò ak yon editoryal ekri kont nenpòt posibilite pou Michel Martelly ta rete nan pouvwa apre 7 fevriye oswa ta dwe patisipe nan nenpòt ki gouvènman tranzisyon. Dapre editoryal la, "malgre yon dosye echèk, Mesye Martelly sigjere semèn pase a ke li te kapab prolonje tan li si pa gen okenn konsansis pou vanse". jou kap vini yo ensèten, dapre atik la. "Men, yon sèl bagay ki klè: Prezidan Michel Martelly dwe kite lè manda li ekspire 7 fevriye"

"Moun an Ayiti te deja peye twòp pou mank respè Mesye Martelly a lòd konstitisyonèl ak jesyon estipid. Li pa janm konprann nosyon de konpwomi, ni li pa t janm eseye fòje yon konsansis politik nasyonal pou te fè plis nan èd kominote entènasyonal te bay la pou 2010 tranbleman tè an. Sa ki te bon pou "Sweet Micky" te bon pou Ayiti, se konsa li te sanble yo kwè.

Travay la te pwouve twò gwo pou l '. Sa Ayiti pa bezwen se yon lòt "Sweet Micky."

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Subject: Michel Martelly can't lead Haiti's transition, Miami Herald Editorial edit

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