President Martelly shows Haiti uniqueness with Bal Bannann Nan

Michel Martelly has once again demonstrated to the rest of the world why Haitians are unique. Only in Haiti you can be a seating president and release a song in Sweet Micky style. Only in Haiti a seating president can release a song with sexually suggestive lyrics about a well-known radio reporter and human rights advocate such as Liliane Pierre-Paul. Only in Haiti president Michel Martelly can accuse another journalist like Jean Monard Metellus of using skin lightening products in his popular Carnival song in hopes of becoming a pretty girl. Only in Haiti where a country is in the middle of a major crisis, but the focus of its president is on his latest music release


Only in Haiti

Haitian Kreyol:

Prezidan Martelly montre Ayiti singularité ak chante "Bal Bannann Nan"

Michel Martelly te yon lòt fwa ankò demontre a rès mond la poukisa Ayisyen yo inik. Se sèlman an Ayiti ou ka gen yon prezidan nan Sweet Micky style. Se sèlman an Ayiti yon prezidan ka lage yon chante ak lyrics seksyèlman sijestif sou yon repòtè radyo byen li ak defansè dwa moun tankou Liliane Pierre-Paul. Se sèlman an Ayiti prezidan Michel Martelly ka akize yon lòt jounalis tankou Jean Monard Metellus ke li akize ape sèvi ak pwodwi eklèrsisaj nan espwa ke li vin tounen yon bèl.ti fi. Se sèlman an Ayiti kote yon peyi nan mitan yon gwo kriz, nan Antretan prezidan Martelly ap konsantre sou dènye mizik li

Se sèlman an Ayiti

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Subject: President Martelly shows Haiti uniqueness with Bal Bannann Nan edit

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