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Launch of the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016

Today, may 11, 2016 is the launch of the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016. This event is taking place at Hotel Royal Oasis. The event will be an opportunity for the Committee to inform the pubic about the guidelines for registration.

The registrations will be accepted in 4 cites in Haiti: Port-au-Prince, Cap Haitien, Les Cayes and Jacmel and also via the internet for those young Haitian living abroad. The criteria to participate in the 4th Edition of Miss Haiti 2016: Young Haitian women 18 to 26 years, unmarried and without children. Also you must have completed Bac 2, have a valid Haitian passport and a certificate of good conduct

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Miss World Philippines Megan Young accident in Haiti - Live Video

This accident was not good for Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young and Miss World Chairman Julia Morley during their visit in Haiti as they fell about 8 to 10 feet when the floor of the temporary building's second story collapsed.

However, it looked even worst for the organizers who were unable to provide at least a safe stand for an international celebrity like Miss World 2013 winner Megan Young.

It was reported that as a result of the building collapsing, Julia Morley and one of the children, Jonathan, suffered fractures. Miss World Megan Young and the other children at the stage escaped unhurt.

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Miss Haiti 2012 Christela Jacques Defends Her Title

Christela Jacques, recently crowned as Miss Universe Haiti 2012, is outraged by a petition circulated by her predecessor, Anedie Azael. The petition attacks the Miss Haiti Universe franchise owner, Magali Febles, and Christela.

Anedie charges Magali, resident of the Dominican Republic is incompetent in her duties. Magali answers Anedie is frustrated because her fiancé was unsuccessful in trying to wrest control of the franchise away from Magali.

It must noted here, contrary to Anedie's claims of Magali's incompetence, the reverse is true. The winner of the Miss Dominican Republic Universe title many years ago, Magali succeeded in making Haiti a participant in the Miss Universe Pageant again after its exclusion for over two decades.

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