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Independent Journalist Nancy Roc to stop Metropolis

The Journalist Nancy Roc is calling it a quit. After close to 28 years, the Independent Journalist will have her last show of metropolis broadcasted Saturday, July 27 and August 3, 2013, at which time, Metropolis will cease to exist on Radio Metropole.

According to Nancy Roc, she is sorry to break her contract with Radio Metropole. Several issues of Metropolis were censored by Radio Metropole, an act she considers to be unconstitutional and illegal based on Article 28.1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Haiti.

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Getting To Know Haitian Journalist Nancy Roc

Nancy Roc is a name prominent in the world of journalism and media in Haiti and Canada. Born in Port-au-Prince, Roc began her journalism career in 1986. Since then, she has climbed the ladder of success despite challenges that led to her exile in Canada's Montreal in 2005. But before that incident, she had already made a great contribution to Haiti's media industry and press freedom.

Nancy Roc worked as a correspondent for Haitian CNN World Report, as well as NBC News in Haiti for several years. She also became a radio and television journalist, conquering international media companies such as CBC, TV5, NBC, and Voice of America. For two years, she served as the head of Radio Metropole's Grand Journal Morning with Noisy Smoye. Not only that, she also stepped up her career by being part of TV Haiti, which is the oldest private television network in the country.

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Radio Metropole Website Informs Readers on Food Shortage Problem

Radio Metropole, a radio station operating out of Port-au-Prince, broadcasts in French. With a large listening audience, it runs regular news briefs and information geared to its listenership. Launched in 1970, it became the first Haitian station to switch to FM, produce stereo broadcasts, and introduce the CD format.

Radio Metropole has an online news website, delivering coverage on politics, the economy, sports, and culture. It also broadcasts feature programs, such as "Metropolis" and "Investir" with hosts Nancy Roc and Kesner Pharel.

Recent updates include news stories about government of Haiti's declared state of emergency continuing after Hurricane Sandy blasted the island; lowering of rice prices; and launch of green energy programs. The feature story, a research study, forecasts another food shortage looming on Haiti's horizon. The approaching famine will arrive on the heels of food shortages in the countrysides of North, West, and Grand'Anse Departments, occurring after Sandy.

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