Haitian Pastor in Brooklyn arrested in deadly fire

Luckner Lorient who has been a pastor at Eglise Baptist Clarte Celeste in Flatbush, was picked up at Miami International Airport on Tuesday July 26, 2016 as he returned to the United States from Haiti. The arrest came as a result of a deadly fire that took place back on Nov. 19, 2014, at 1434 Flatbush Ave., in a building owned by him. That particular building housed his church located on the ground floor but also some cramped apartments on the floors above. Two months before the fire, Luckner Lorient was fined by the city for subdividing the basement, second and third floors, with one subdivided apartment having 21 people living in it.


As a result of that particular fire, one man was killed and 14 others were hospitalized in critical condition.

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Paola Pitti says...

This guy should be jailed for life. He basically is responsible for everythting that happened in this

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