New York Haitian Cop issued most Traffic Violations in 2015

It's either he has passion for doing his job or we are just dealing with an unsecure individual feeling that he constantly need to prove that he can do the job. A Haitian-American Police Officer in new York received the distinguished honor by his Police Department for holding the record in distributing the most traffic violations in 2015. Haitian-American Police Officer, Arnous Morin, who emigrated in United states in 2005 issued around 19,000 traffic violations to New York drivers, bringing over 1.2 million of dollars worth of fines to New York police Department. He is a relentless, ruthless New York Cop who issues summonses at a rate of one every 9 minutes.


After reading this, I don't know if I should laugh or cry for him.

How about you?

Haitian Kreyol:

Ofisye polis ayisyen-Ameriken kembe reko paske li bay plis Trafik Vyolasyon nan 2015

Swa li gen anpil pasyon pou travay li oswa nou ap jis fè fas ak yon moun ki gin yon santiman unsekirite endividyèl, eke li toujou santi yon bezwen pou bay prèv ke li ka fè travay la. Yon ofisye lapolis nan New York te resevwa onè pa Depatman Polis li se ofisye ki kenbe reko nan distribye plis trafik tikè pou ane 2015 nan New York. Ofisye sa se yon ayisyen-Ameriken ki rele Arnous Morin ki bay o alantou 19,000 trafik vyolasyon a chofè nan New York, ki pote 1.2 milyon de dola yon valè amann bay Depatman lapolis New York. Arnous Morin te emigre o Zetazini nan ane 2005.

Apre ke mwen fin tande sa, mwen pa konnen si mwen ta dwe ri oswa kriye pou l '.

E ou minm?

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