Elvis Dumervil, professional American football player

Elvis Dumervil is one of the players born of Haitian parents who had immigrated to the states during one of those moments of high political instability and had to escape to safety settling in the US in Miami best known as little Haiti. He grew up with 10 other children that his parents raised and became one of the best football players that the country has.


Elvis Dumervil was drafted into the football national teams by NFL in 2006 on the 4th round while he played college football in Louisville. He attended college at University of Louisville where his playing began with a very low turnout. He was about to be redshirt by the coach but due to injuries to other players he just continued playing until the year 2005 when everything changed. He rose with a sudden uprising that everyone was astonished.

He began by facilitating the win against Kentucky Wildcats where he broke the previous NCAA single-game sack record. He then went ahead to gain various major titles such as player of the year by simply playing his best. He can be said to have taken time to familiarize with the game and the country such that once he was through he started his career.

Luckily for him there was still a chance to make it to the nationals and hence he easily got in and made a great show of his talent. Elvis Dumervil finally got in with Denver broncos where he made a great show and was retained for the rest of the season enabling the team to gather a couple of winnings that he personally facilitated. He is thus one of the best players there is and can be easily expected to make it even further than he already is.

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