Park Michelet Destinoble Inauguration, Verrettes Artibonite

The President of the Republic of Haiti S.E.M. Michel Joseph Martelly along with his wife, the First Lady, Madame Sophia Martelly went to a small town, Verrettes (Artibonite), to inaugurate Park Michelet Destinoble on Tuesday May 22.


Olive Martelly, the Advisor to the President Martelly in sports, led the initiative of the structure "Foutbòl power Chanjman" which means 'Football for Change'. The Haitian President stressed on the modernization of the Michelet Destinoble park in Verrettes Artibonite and rehabilitation of the integrated program during the inauguration program.

Mr. President also assured that efforts are underway to make opportunity to engage more youth in sports. He expressed his interest and desire for adequate play areas with all kind of possible facilities. Any impediments that hinder youth development will be solved cordially, he added.

Olivier Martelly, the planner and initiator of "power Foutbòl Chanjman" thinks that restructuring the recreational area will help youth development. The area will also engage many others as new occupations will be created. Mr. Oliver also mentioned that recreational activities along with sport participation will be increased in the area.

The play ground of the Michelet Destinoble Park in Verrettes Artibonite has been rehabilitated and it can accommodate more than three miles of soccer fans. It also contains stands for players and spectator. In addition, new lighting system has been installed which will help arrange sport at night. Besides, a standing committee has been formed for the maintenance of the Michelet Destinoble Park.

The President's visit to the provincial town for the inaugural program made the inhabitants of the region excited and they acknowledged the willingness of the President to take part in development of the region.

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