Deputy Arnel Belizaire heads armed commando to free ONA Security

Tuesday, March 26 was a day filled with developments within the Haitian justice system. It began early in the day when ONA (Office National Old Age Insurance) security agents and employees staged a protest which stopped other ONA employees from entering or leaving the compound. The group that demonstratively chained and locked the main gate was directing their ire at Director General of the company, Bernard Desgraff.


Desgraff, in the position for over four years, is accused of the waste and mismanagement of company funds, of removing the health insurance of the workers, of exhibiting favoritism in lending habits and of the removal of an ebit card that had been in place before he came into office. For all these charges, the protesting group wished for his firing.

Most vocal at the proceeding was Deputy Arnel Bélizaire who publicly urged those present to seek Desgraff's denouncement. He became even more active in his role as protest advocate after the Government Commissioner of Port-au-Prince, Gérald D. Norgaisse and the Corps of Intervention and Maintenance of Order (CIMO) opened the gate and let out the imprisoned workers. They then went on to apprehend 9 ONA security guards who were taken to the prosecutor for a hearing.

At this juncture, Deputy Bélizaire led a team of commandos, armed to the teeth, who disarmed the police officers and retrieved the 9 arrested before they could be questioned. The commissioner has called the action of the Deputy a disrespect to the institution.

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