Since Haitians can't agree, will a solution be imposed after January 12?

On Monday, Haiti will marks the fifth anniversary of the 2010 earthquake, but also the beginning of a new and dangerous political era. The Haitian governmewnt will be functioning without a functioning legislative government, an unknown number of Prime Ministers and Ministerial Cabinets and a CSPJ without President


After Monday, the terms of many of the parliaments will be expired, making it impossible to form a quorum.

Many in the opposition accused President Michel Martelly of allowing the parliament to expire in purpose in order to rule by decree. This is something he has already been done with the Martelly government with local municipalities. Many of Haiti's local municipalities are now run by appointed managers with decree form the President

Without a functioning legislative, the Haitian President will inevitably rule by decree. This is a return to the dark days of the Duvalier dictatorship

How will the opposition behave after January 12?

If we can't decide, don't you think that a decision will be made for us

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Julio De Castro says...

Not just to the dark ages of Duvalier but also Preval.

Don't you remember when Preval did

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Subject: Since Haitians can't agree, will a solution be imposed after January 12? edit

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